God Provides Deliverance — Esther 4:6-17

In Greek, unlike English, the noun “time” can be two different words: chronos or kairos. Chronos designates quantity, measurements like “minute” or “month.” Kairos designates quality, what you and I would recognize as THE moment (e.g., Ec. 3:1-8). Chapters three, eight, and nine in the Book of Esther mention three months (chronos) of the Jewish [...]

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Deliverance is Needed — Esther 3:1-9

Wick Broomall noted, “Perhaps no other book of the Bible has been attacked as bitterly and vehemently as the Book of Esther. Because of its spirit of nationalism and vindictiveness, critics have declared it unworthy of a place in the sacred Canon.” Context In 587 BC, Nebuchadnezzar ended Judah’s independence. Jerusalem fell to the Babylonian [...]

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