2019 Opportunities

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2019 Connection Meetings

Connection Meetings are for creating awareness, meeting workers face to face, sharing information and vision, and asking questions to see how we might be a part of impacting lostness internationally and in North America.  For more information:   Mike Ray mray@mbcb.org   or Cassie Munn cmunn@mbcb.org

April 25 – 10:30  MBCB  Church Planter Connection Meeting

Come and meet a pastor who has been called to move to Minnesota and plant a church.  Learn how you might be involved and help connect with the work there. 

United Kingdom – Mississippi Connection Meetings

April 30  10:30am MBCB

May 1    11:30am  Strick’s BBQ Hattiesburg  3802 W 4th St.

May 2    10:30am  Oxford   Collaborative Missionary Network Office 413 Hwy 6 W. Oxford

In these meetings, Mississippi leaders will be able to hear a dialogue between a pastor from the UK and a MS pastor to share how the relationship between their churches has developed.  Come hear what that kind of relationship looks like and how to explore a connection like this for your church. 



2019 Vision Journeys  

Vision journeys are for pastors, mission pastors, or those chosen by the leadership of the church to be responsible for guiding mission efforts and strategy in their local church.  For more information concerning costs and other specifics, contact Mike Ray mray@mbcb.org   or Cassie Munn cmunn@mbcb.org   

Vision Journey to Knoxville

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March 27-29 we will travel to Knoxville, TN, to make connections there with leaders and learn about opportunities for MS churches to be involved in community ministry, help with construction needs, VBS and backyard bible club ministry, survey work, and others.

Please register using the link provided above. 

Cost:  $50 

 Vision Journey to Poland and Slovakia 

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August 16-24 we will travel to Poland and Slovakia to connect with IMB workers in 3 major cities to explore ways for churches to partner with the teams in those locations.  The cities we plan to visit are Warsaw and Krakow, Poland, and Bratislava, Slovakia.   After meeting the teams and learning about the work and needs, our MS churches will determine which place they would form a relationship with for reaching the lost in that city. 

Please register using the link provided above. 

Cost:  $1200 – 1500

Vision Journey to Saint Louis

September 11-13 we will travel to Saint Louis to connect with NAMB church planters.

Vision Journey to New York—Frontier Association

October 2-4

Vision Journey to Ohio—Northcoast Association

Dates TBD

Vision Journey to Las Vegas

September 23-25 Connecting with MS church planters in LV.

Vision Journey to the UK    

November 11-16 We will attend the Annual Leadership Conference of the FIEC and then connect with churches in the UK to explore church to church connections.


2019 Mission Opportunities

Mission Opportunities are for members of Mississippi Baptist Convention churches to participate.  Participants must be active members of their church and be recommended by their pastor.  For more information concerning costs and other specifics, contact Mike Ray mray@mbcb.org   or Cassie Munn cmunn@mbcb.org   

Home School ConferenceSeptember 22-30  in Malaysia

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This Missions Mobilization team will be working with children and parents in a Home School Conference.  Many of our international workers must homeschool their children on the field.  This conference helps to coach and support them to better teach their children, as well as to evaluate where their children are in the learning process.   Our team will teach the children during the day while the parents are in training sessions.  Please register using the link provided above. 

Cost:  $1500

Longhouse—Malaysia—July 1-12, 2019

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Sharing the Gospel through providing housing.

For several years we have been working together with local partners in Malaysia to build basic housing for those who are in need.  Many needs have been met through these buildings, but even more important has been the “building” of relationships and seeing the door open for sharing the gospel.  Each year, we are seeing around 60 people pray to receive Christ, and new local bodies of believers beginning.  Most of these people have never heard the gospel, and might have never had the opportunity, apart from the Longhouses being built.  Please register using the link above. 

Cost:  $1500