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October 25-26, 2022 at FBC Jackson

Messenger Card Information:

Messenger cards for the 186th Mississippi Baptist Convention on October 25-26, 2022, will be mailed directly to the churches during the first and second weeks of October.  Each church will receive the number of cards they are eligible for according to the guidelines of the Constitution.  The Mississippi Baptist Convention’s constitution states:

Each church in friendly cooperation with the Mississippi Baptist Convention and having contributed to world missions through the Cooperative Program during the preceding convention year shall be entitled to two messengers for the first one hundred members of its membership or fraction thereof.

One additional messenger from each church shall be allowed for each additional one hundred members, or major fraction thereof, but no church shall be entitled to more than ten messengers.

Membership information is based on the 2021 Annual-Church Profile.  If you have questions, please call Executive Administration at 601-292-3201.

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