Ministry Wives Conference

Are you the wife of a:

• Pastor
• Associate Pastor
• Campus Minister
• Chaplain
• Minister of Administration
• Minister of Music
• Missionary
• Minister OF Youth/Students
• Associational Missions Director
• Any minister with our MS Southern Baptist Churches and entities

If you are the wife of a minister, we appreciate so much the love, support, and assistance you faithfully give to your husband and your church. Our Pastor/Leadership Development Department is available to assist and encourage you in life and ministry, including our annual Ministry Wives Conference.
Our goal in this conference is to offer encouragement, fellowship, and guidance for ministry wives in appreciation for the ministry you provide alongside your husbands. Each year we have a special speaker, and our 2021 featured speaker is Dr. Tara Dew, wife of Dr. Jamie Dew, President of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and a renowned Women’s Ministry leader and speaker.

2021 Ministry Wives Conference
Monday, October 25
1:00 pm
First Baptist Church, Jackson

Contact Information

Elizabeth Lindigrin, ministry assistant
direct line: 601-292-3305