Benevolent Aid


  1. Benevolent Aid may be given to churches to supplement the minister’s salary. This aid may be granted for a three (3) month period. Under extreme circumstances and with further justifying requests, additional three (3) months assistance can be considered. No church shall be granted benevolent aid for more than one year during a period of three years, beginning with the date of their application.In order to qualify for each request or extension, a church must vote in a business meeting to request aid. A letter containing the minutes of this business meeting and an explanation of the need should be sent to the Association Missions Director in their association. The AMD should verify the need in writing. These letters should be sent to the Church-Minister Relations department of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board for approval. The checks will be sent to the AMD for delivery to the church.Both the Church-Minister Relations Director and the CMR Committee must approve in order for aid to be granted.

Benevolent Aid may be given to ministerial staff in cases of extreme personal need. Aid will be limited to a one-time grant. The Association Missions Director or the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board member must verify the need.The Church-Minister Relations Director or the Chairman of the CMR Committee may make approval. All grants will be limited to the churches and the ministerial staff that are cooperating with the Mississippi Baptist Convention.