Smaller Church Children’s Sunday School Leader Job Descriptions

Children’s Sunday School Job Description:
Smaller Church

The class/department organization for children ages 6-11 years is based on school grades. One worker is needed for every six children enrolled in a class/department. A minimum of two leaders is needed for every children’s class/department no matter how many children.

Working with children in Sunday School involves more than just teaching girls and boys on Sunday morning. Reaching, teaching, witnessing, caring for, fellowshipping with, and helping children to worship are all part of helping them know about God and how He wants them to live.

The following represents what should happen in each class/department by children’s leadership.

Prepare –

happens before the teaching session begins.

  • Prepares Bible Study time in advance.
  • Obtains teaching materials and supplies prior to session.
  • Arrives on time, ahead of time (at least 15 minutes).
  • Reaches out to find and enroll children who need to be in Sunday School.
  • Witnesses to children and their families.
  • Fellowships with children and their families.
  • Ministers to children and their families.

Encounter –

happens during the Sunday School period.

  • Power UP for Bible Study, helps children begin to focus on the day’s Bible study through an activity.
  • Plug In is the middle portion of the session where children study the Bible content and worship.
  • Personalize the Bible study by encouraging each student to be actively involved in a Bible leaning choice activity.

Continue –

on going.

  • Participates regularly in both corporate and personal worship.
  • Contacts absentees weekly.
  • If your church participates in FAITH, is an active member of a FAITH team.
  • Secures literature and other supplies and resources.