Preschool Leader Responsibilities

Common Tasks for All Preschool Leaders

Preschool Teacher

The preschool teacher is the key to learning for the preschooler.

  • Obtains teaching materials and supplies prior to a session.
  • Prepares in advance, arrives on time, and evaluates and participates in age-appropriate bible teaching.
  • Ministers to preschoolers and their families. Participates in leader training events.
  • Visits, contacts, and ministers to preschoolers and prospects assigned for ministry.
  • Participates regularly in both corporate and personal worship.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.

Department Director

The department director is responsible for planning, conducting, and evaluating the work of the department.

  • Greets preschoolers and their parents at the door as they arrive and maintains department security system.
  • Enlists and assists in training teachers and substitutes for the department. Leads in planning and preparation.
  • Leads the Bible teachings sessions, and in three-year-old and older departments leads group time.
  • Assigns responsibilities to teachers for teaching, outreach, and ministry.
  • Maintains department records.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.

Division Evangelism/Outreach Leader

The division outreach leader works with the division director in coordinating the reaching ministry of Preschool Sunday School.

  • Participates in weekly visitation, outreach and witnessing.
  • Maintains and/or assists in maintaining active division and department prospect records.
  • Greets visitors on Sunday morning and ensures that preschoolers are placed in the appropriate departments.
  • Obtains and records department assignments, addresses, phone numbers, and names of parent(s) or caregivers.
  • Coordinates all the reaching activities of the Preschool Division.
  • Coordinates prospect discovery projects for the division.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.


Preschool Division Director

A Preschool Division director is needed when there are two or more preschool departments.

  • Coordinates the work of the preschool departments and determines the organizational needs
  • Determines and enlists preschool department directors and assists with enlisting other team members
  • Develops a training plan for preschool leadership
  • Works with leadership team to develop the preschool budget
  • Coordinates the use of resources by obtaining needed supplies
  • Orders curriculum
  • Leads in evaluation of the work of the division
  • Assists in the coordination of extended session
  • Represents the preschool area on the Sunday School Planning Team
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer

Ministry to preschoolers and their families is often done by the Department Director and/or teacher. These duties would include:

  • Contact preschoolers and their families on a regular basis
  • Make special occasions, like birthdays, meaningful
  • Receive prayer requests from families of the preschooler
  • Be sensitive to the family life of the preschooler
  • Pray for the families and relay the requests as appropriate
  • Take action on ministry needs discovered
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer

Please contact our Sunday School staff by:

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