Children’s T.E.A.M. Leader Responsibilities

Working with children in Sunday School involves more than just teaching girls and boys on Sunday morning. Reaching, teaching, witnessing, caring for, fellowshipping with, and helping children to worship are all part of helping them know about God and how He wants them to live.

Children’s Teacher

  • Teaches a small group of children during Bible-study time.
  • Reaches out to find and enroll children who need to be in Sunday School.
  • Contacts absentees weekly and all children in assigned groups regularly.
  • Witnesses to children and their families.
  • Fellowships with children and their families.
  • Participates in regular planning.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.

Department Director

  • Leads teachers in all work of the department including planning and evaluating.
  • Guides the large-group activities on Sunday morning.
  • Enlists all department workers.
  • Determines training needs for workers.
  • Secures literature and resources with secretary.
  • Maintains department records (if there is no secretary).
  • Represents department on Sunday School Planning Team (if there is no Children’s Division director).
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.

Outreach-Evangelism Director

  • Leads department workers in evangelistic visitation and prospect discovery.
  • Cooperates with the Sunday School outreach-evangelism director as appropriate.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.


  • Maintains department attendance records.
  • Maintains department reaching contact records.
  • Orders literature and other supplies and resources.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.

Children’s Division Director

A Children’s Division Director is needed when there are three or more children’s departments.

  • Coordinates the work of the children’s departments and determines the organizational needs.
  • Determines and enlists children’s department directors and assists with enlisting other team members.
  • Develops a training plan for children’s leadership.
  • Works with leadership team to develop the children’s budget.
  • Coordinates the use of resources by obtaining needed supplies.
  • Orders curriculum.
  • Leads in evaluation of the work of the division.
  • Represents the children’s area on the Sunday School Planning Team.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.

Ministry to children and their families is often done by the Department Director and/or teacher. These duties would include:

  • Contact children and their families on a regular basis.
  • Make special occasions, like birthdays, meaningful.
  • Receive prayer requests from children and their families.
  • Be sensitive to the family life of the children.
  • Pray for the families and relay the requests as appropriate.
  • Take action on ministry needs discovered.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.

Please contact our Sunday School staff by:

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