Adult Responsibilities

Adult Class Teacher

This leader is responsible to the Adult Team Leader for the total work of the class. Specific duties include:

  • Serve as class administrator and Bible study leader.
  • Enlist and train an outreach-evangelism leader, secretary, and care group leaders. Enlist and train a prayer leader and fellowship leader when the class is large enough for these offices.
  • Organize other class members into care groups with no more than six members per group, including the care group leader.
  • Participate in Sunday School training meetings.
  • Visit members and prospects regularly, participating in the weekly visitation ministry.
  • Plan with the class leadership team to accomplish the work of the class and to conduct a regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.

Adult Apprentice Leader

This leader is to become a disciple of the teacher to learn how to teach while preparing to be the primary teacher in his/her class or another class. Specific duties include:

  • Periodically teach the class the truths of the Bible and its application in a manner that is consistent with the pastor’s leadership and Biblical teaching of the church.
  • Follows the Bible study material that has been provided for the class.
  • Is involved in the ongoing outreach/inreach ministry of the church.
  • As a part of the class, he/she identifies, contacts, and enrolls prospects.
  • Assists and supports the start of new classes.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.

Adult Class Outreach-Evangelism Leader

This leader is responsible to the teacher and relates directly to the Sunday School outreach-evangelism director. The outreach-evangelism leader leads the prospecting and witnessing activities of the class. The outreach-evangelism leader assigns prospects to class leaders and members for visitation, cultivation, and witnessing. Specific duties include:

  • Lead the class to discover, witness to, enroll, and minister to lost and unchurched prospects.
  • Develop a class prospect file and keep the file updated based on visitation/contact reports and make reports to the Sunday School outreach/evangelism director.
  • Assign prospects to members and encourage frequent cultivation, evangelism, and discipleship visits and contacts.
  • Enlist at least two persons per week to represent the class at weekly visitation.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.


  • Meet regularly with class leadership team.
  • Process and maintain general records for the class and compile reports as requested, including prospect information.
  • Coordinate ordering and distribution of Bible study curriculum, supplies, and other resources.
  • Set a positive example for others by living as an authentic witness.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.

Fellowship Leader

  • Lead the class to plan and participate in regular class social events.
  • Lead the class to include prospects and in-service members.
  • Create an atmosphere conducive to building relationships with members and non-members as together they build on their relationship with God.
  • Lead actions that help new members be assimilated into the fellowship of the class.
  • Work with the teacher to identify ways to assimilate new members and re-involve long-time absentees.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.

Care Leader

These vital workers serve as a ministry link to the Sunday School members. Each care leader should be responsible for a group of six or fewer class members. Specific duties include:

  • Contact every member of their group each week.
  • Receive prayer requests from members of the group.
  • Pray for them and relay the requests as appropriate.
  • Take action on ministry needs discovered.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.

Prayer Leader

  • Coordinate the prayer ministry of the class.
  • Lead in identifying and reporting prayer concerns and praises of members and prospects.
  • Involve members in prayer for the class and the church.
  • Work with other leaders in providing resources for conducting and enhancing daily devotions and family worship times.
  • Lead small group prayer and worship experiences, and encourage personal worship in home and family settings.
  • Maintain a daily personal quiet time, including prayer.