Church Growth

It’s not easy. It’s demanding. It requires patience and endurance to make it happen. You may be thinking, “What is not easy, demanding and entails a great deal of patience and endurance.” I am referring to growing a Southern Baptist church. In today’s world, churches face many challenges – generational, worship, program, vision, and financial. But, I believe the greatest challenge facing our 2,058 churches is “how are we going to reach the unchurched people in Mississippi?” On any given Sunday, two million people are not attending any church in our state. Over the past years, Southern Baptist churches have not grown numerically in proportion to the growth of our state. To meet this challenge, every Mississippi Baptist must embrace the concept of church growth. Each person must grow spiritually and help their church grow numerically.

The Church Growth Division – Sunday SchoolDiscipleship and Family MinistryEvangelismChurch MusicChurch Minister Relations, Stewardship, Cooperative Program Promotion, and Pastor/Leadership Development  – remains ready to assist you in reaching our state for Christ and growing your church. Each department is poised with highly trained directors and consultants to help your church reach her unique calling in Christ. We believe every church can grow. The Church Growth Division exists to develop healthy Kingdom-focused New Testament churches and servant leaders committed to fulfilling the Great Commission in obedience to the Great Commandment. We stand ready to help you discover your part in church growth.

Contact Information

Ministry Assistant, Church Growth
 515 Mississippi St. Jackson, MS 39201
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Associate Executive Director, Church Growth
 P.O. Box 530 Jackson, MS 39205
Fax: 601.714.7424