Zero is an interesting figure. It is actually defined as a quantity or number or a figure without a quantity or number, yet zeroes are really important. You cannot have a million dollars without a lot of zeroes or a billion dollars without even more zeroes. Generally speaking, zeroes don’t play a big part in [...]

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Over the past year or so, I have become more and more conscious of people using the word “so” where it doesn’t seem to be needed. An interview is taking place and a question is posed by the interviewer and the answer begins, “So…,” or maybe the conversation has just started between two people and [...]

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July 4th … A Day to Pause, Remember, and Recommit

In only days we will be celebrating our country’s 243rd birthday, but on the way to that celebration only a few weeks ago we were marking the 75th anniversary of the greatest invasion that ever took place in history when soldiers from free countries invaded the coast of France to push back the terrible destructive [...]

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