Convention Reflections

Next week, Mississippi Baptists from  all around the state will gather in Jackson’s First Baptist Church for our annual convention.  It is the 184th convention of Mississippi Baptists.  Through the decades, it has been an incredible, wonderful experience for me personally, but also for so many who gather for fellowship, inspiration, encouragement, challenge, and celebration [...]

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No prayer – No Problem Big Problem

No doubt, many of our older readers can remember their long-ago school days beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer, usually reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Back then, there was even an occasional devotional thought the teacher might give or other special emphasis related to praying about what was taking place in the world or [...]

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Let me begin this article by giving you the definition of “whaddyamean?” It’s a Southernism for, “What do you mean?” It’s not unusual for people of any age or stage in life to throw out the question this multiple-words-reduced-to-one-word represents as a response to something that’s being said or planned. Whaddyamean? The word came into [...]

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