Bible Studies for Life

with Bobby McKay

Sunday,  August 18

Remember God’s Faithfulness

2 Chronicles 16:1-13

In the master bathroom of my house there are two large, beautiful mirrors behind the countertop sinks. Above those mirrors are bright, new overhead lights. The floor is a modern, white subway tile and if you are facing those mirrors, behind you are two windows that allow the sunlight in. With all these wonderful features, I discovered a surprise. My family moved into the home almost a year ago in Brookhaven. The bathroom was radiant and spotless as I entered the first time.  The surprise came later that day when I looked in the mirror at my reflection. I noticed, on the top of my head, a gray hair. Then another, then two more, then one more. I wasn’t through with discovering yet! The little frosty follicles had made their way to my beard. It seems a whole colony of them had landed just below my chin. I was beginning to wonder if there was something in the Brookhaven water. I immediately called my wife in the bedroom and asked her if she knew I had gray hairs on my head and in my beard. To which she replied, “Yes, about three years ago.” It seems they were there for quite some time, I just had not noticed.

Over the past few weeks, we have studied the incredible life and reign of King Asa and how the presence of God blessed him in battle and sustained him in times of peace and prosperity. Even when Asa needed a nudge to carry on, God sent Azariah to encourage him in love to complete the tasks to ensure success. God wanted Asa to succeed. We see this week when the lights become too bright for Asa, something was revealed in his life of which he was not aware. That something was compromise. Compromise is a real threat to all God’s people and can become a threat in our churches.

Asa felt the need to devise a plan with a neighboring king for outside help with a migration problem. The issue here is twofold: one, he failed to trust the Lord to help him. When you or I fail to trust the Lord, we open ourselves up to sin and that is exactly what Asa did. Secondly, he stole from the Lord’s treasury. These items of gold and silver were dedicated to God, but Asa chose to give them as payment to another king. This demonstrated a lack of faith on Asa’s part. After all these years of God’s provision, Asa caved to compromise and fear. This portrayed to the people who lived under Asa’s rule a bad example. Fellow church leaders, what example are we setting in our churches when it comes to compromising?

With sin, there is always a price to pay. Asa probably felt as if he made a good decision politically, but God was not impressed. The Holy Father desired Asa’s complete devotion and Asa had failed. The same is true for each of us. In Asa’s case, the cost would be peace. Asa’s reign was marked by periods of extended peace, but now those days were gone. Could it be that the source of the turmoil in many churches today is the result of compromise or failure to trust in God completely?

There is one verse in this lesson I wish you would underscore in your Bible — 2 Chronicles 16:9a. While searching the Scriptures and praying with my staff earlier this year, we committed this verse as our theme verse. We read it at the beginning of each staff meeting and include it in our prayers. It reads, “For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those who heart is completely His.” It should be the desire of each Christian to have a heart that belongs to the Lord. Asa allowed his heart to be moved and corrupted.

I strongly suggest you keep reading after this verse. Asa becomes angry at the messenger who shares with him God’s punishment and decides to put him in jail. Asa began to spiral out of control in his last years. He oppressed his own people and when he became old and sick the Scriptures indicate he could have called out to God for healing, but he refused to do so and chose to suffer in his own pride rather than humble himself and receive peace.

It may be a prideful thing to obsess over your gray hairs, but how much more destructive pride can be when you forget all the Lord has done for you or me. Take a look in the mirror, even if it hurts. You will be glad you did.

McKay is the pastor of Pleasant Grove Church, Brookhaven.