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Zooming Around the World

One of the lasting lessons I’ve learned these last few months is that you can meet with people through a computer and it can actually be productive. I’ve been involved in Zoom teleconference meetings with individuals, small groups, and even large groups of people and they have all been interesting experiences. Three months ago I [...]

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Romans 15:14-16:27 The explosive growth of the early Church still amazes me and many other believers, two thousand years later. Some of the main factors in that expansion can be found in Romans 15:14-21 — a persistent attitude to reach and teach new converts who can themselves reach and teach others; a perpetual dependence on [...]

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Romans 14:1-12 Believers should accept one another despite our non-essential differences, resting in the knowledge that God has accepted us even in our spiritual weakness. Romans 14 offers three aspects of acceptance to develop our attitudes toward God and others. Accept the Spiritually Weak (Rom. 14:1-4). The examples in this passage point to believers who [...]

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