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A Mood Fast

Since the beginning of the New Year I have asked, encouraged, and sometimes pled with people to consider fasting one day a week. Four days out of the month is what it requires. The time frame is from sunup to sundown and to have a fast throughout that day. The first fast was a […]

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Protect and Serve

Genesis 1:27; 9:1-7; Matthew 5:21-22
God values humanity. Every year Southern Baptist celebrate the “Sanctity of Human Life.” on the third Sunday of January. An excellent resolution was passed at the 2015 Southern Baptist Convention entitled “On the Sanctity of Human Life.” I recommend usage of the resolution as an aid to teaching this lesson.  […]

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When Life is Expendable

Exodus 1:16-17,22-2:9
Today, across the Southern Baptist Convention, is the Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Abortion, human trafficking, adoption, and foster care are words which describe an action involving children. Today, the state of Mississippi has one abortion clinic. Human trafficking is a growing epidemic. Children enter foster care because of various situations, while others […]

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A Media Fast

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to encourage you to consider some fasting days in your 2019. Actually, the plan is to set aside four days a month on which you fast. There will be four fasts that I will ask you to consider. As I wrote last week in this space, one […]

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Genesis 33:1-15
Jacob experienced God at Penuel. Now, he faced Esau. The enriched usurper was about to encounter the aggrieved brother, who came with 400 men. Jacob was about to discover the full impact of his midnight wrestling match.
Put Aside Your Pride (33:1-4)
Penuel changed Jacob. Instead of putting his family and livestock as buffers […]

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When Races Collide

Ephesians 2:11-22
The construction of the Berlin Wall began in August of 1961. It was a barrier initiated by the German Democratic Republic to physically and ideologically divide the German people. People died trying to escape over the 12-foot-tall, 4-foot-wide reinforced concrete wall, but many succeeded. In 1987, President Reagan’s Cold War speech challenged Soviet […]

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A Fast Start in 2019

Here we are, hours into the New Year 2019. By most surveys, the number-one new year’s resolution is to lose weight. It’s usually embodied in getting healthier, starting to exercise, and all those kind of things but I want you to begin your year seriously, thoughtfully, and prayerfully considering fasting. I know the average […]

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Genesis 32:24-32
Genesis 32:24-32 relates one of the most intriguing stories in the Bible. The action took place during the night when Jacob was alone. In the end, we will have several questions with no clear answers, but we will be convinced that God transforms people for use in His divine plan.
The Match (32:24-26)
Though 20 […]

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The Wise Men’s Worship

Matthew 2:1-11
As we finalize this section, ask yourself this question: Is what I know and believe about the birth of Jesus based on Scripture or tradition? The Gospel of Matthew is the only Gospel we find the details of the Wise Men or Magi’s visit. History traces the lineage of the Wise Men to […]

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Genesis 31:2-16
Last week’s lesson focused on God fulfilling His promise to provide a Messiah. That lesson ties into today’s theme, “God directs.” The title “Home!” speaks for itself. This lesson is being taught in churches even as many family members have traveled home for the holidays. The journey home conjures up images of family, […]

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