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Waddle, Waddle, Waddle

From time to time, people ask me, “Where in the world do you come up with those articles, those thoughts, week after week after week?” Well, to be honest with you, a few of the ideas have come from inspirational moments I experienced while reading a passage of Scripture or hearing a message or […]

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With Submission

James 3:13-4:17
James teaches that believers are to be committed to living out God’s will. But why? Why can we (Christians) not live the way we want? And who wants to be committed to anything anymore? I mean, Jesus is in my heart, so I won’t spend eternity in hell; but committing to do His […]

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A Prayer of Confession

Matthew 6:12-13; Psalm 51:1-7, 10-12
King David was a man after God’s own heart, according to Acts 13:22b, which reads, “I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfil all my will,” (KJV). David served the Lord. He also was a sinner, like all of us. We […]

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Group Hug

I don’t know when or where the group hug came into vogue, but it seems like you see it when groups get together or maybe on the television. There are funny group hugs that take place. There are weird group hugs that probably take place. A group hug is when more than two people […]

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With Control

James 3:1-12
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” This childhood chant is such a lie! Words absolutely hurt. They also crush the spirit and destroy self-esteem. Words often hurt more than physical injury; and while bruises heal, words are recorded deep within our psyche.
As I listen to […]

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Praying for Others

Matthew 6:11; John 17:11-23
As with last week’s lesson, our text this week is Matthew 6:11, “Give us this day our daily bread,” (KJV). We focused last week on our daily needs, and this week we will focus on the small word, “our.” This single word reminds us that we are individually part of the […]

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13 Buttons

It was a typical morning process of getting ready for the events of the day. The only things different were a couple of interruptions to the routine, trying to help a couple of folks with some minor crises. After taking care of those things, I pressed on to get ready and get on my […]

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With Works

James 2:14-26
In previous verses, James encouraged the Diaspora, Jewish Christians who had scattered due to persecution, to live out their Christian faith. He reminded them (and us) that believers can endure trials, knowing God is at work in all things. He also expressed that believers should respond to Jesus’ work in their lives with […]

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A Prayer for Ourselves

Matthew 6:11; Isaiah 38:1-7, 15-17
The first part of Jesus’ model prayer is about our Father, who is, according to Jesus, holy and heavenly. Then we are to seek that His will be done on earth. In this plea, we surrender to His specific plans concerning us individually and collectively. After that, we are to […]

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Jesus Took Naps

“Jesus took naps.” That was the message on a sweatshirt worn by a senior adult at a gathering at one of our churches. So pointed, so provoking, so simple — and so true. Jesus, who was fully God robed in flesh, experienced the drain of resources that all of us have encountered from time […]

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