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Vitamin N

Millions of people take multi-millions of vitamin supplements every day.  They are religious in taking them in pill or liquid form for they are convinced that whatever vitamins they take help keep them healthy and free of many diseases or aches or pains.  There are dozens of vitamins; in fact, there is one component listed [...]

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Hate Your Family

Luke 14:25-35 A Sunday School Lesson titled “Hate Your Family” is a shock to our whole system.  This is another of our Bible lessons on the priorities of the Christian faith. Alex Himaya, the author of the teaching suggestions for Young Adults, helps us start with this definition of hate: “Although this word sometimes means [...]

Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

Luke 9:57-62 Do you like adventure stories? I do.  I like those that are true stories with accurate historical facts.  One such story is found in all 4 of the New Testament Gospels.  It has the added attraction of having a positive outcome and telling the story of courageous and brave followers of Jesus. This [...]

Love Your Enemies

Luke 6:27-36 Some of the material we are studying in the Bible lesson for this week helps justify the title of this Unit, Hard Sayings of Jesus.  Actually the whole title points to this week’s lesson extremely well, “He said What? Hard Sayings of Jesus.”  Dr. Luke quotes Jesus as teaching, “Love your enemies,” Luke [...]