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The weekly journal of Mississippi Baptists is today the third-largest newspaper in the Southern Baptist Convention. With more than 69,000 subscribers, The Baptist Record is on a level with the largest secular publications in the state, and it reaches into the overwhelming majority of homes occupied by Mississippi Baptists. Our goal at The Baptist Record is to provide a Christ-based ministry of information that focuses on our Savior’s Great Commission and the associated theme adopted by the Mississippi Baptist Convention: “Helping to Bring Mississippi and the World to Jesus.”  — Read the Full Issue or This Week’s Lead Story

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An Article About Nothing

Just reading the title and starting to read this article, you may think to yourself, “That’s kind of crazy, writing an article about nothing,” and I am confident that some of you get way ahead [...]

Walking Forward

Ephesians 4:11-16 Last week’s lesson was about the importance of becoming unified as a church. The Apostle Paul continues that idea in this week’s lesson by instructing us how to accomplish that. God is a [...]

God’s Will and the Bible

Psalm 19:7-14 A popular saying is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The psalmist might say beauty and duty are in the heart of the believer who seeks the Word of the [...]

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We invite you to spend some time here at our Web Site and we trust that it will be time well spent to either encourage you or to help you find the information, people, or resources that you may need to help you in your personal walk with the Lord, or to help your church, group, or association with anything they may need.” – Dr. Jim Futral

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