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Ideas for Memorizing Scripture Verses

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  • Have accountability partner(s) to say memory verse to, and designate a specific date to have this done by. Maybe have a list of verses on paper and the dates to have memorized by, and have your accountability partner sign off on the verse after you have said it correctly. (This method could be used in a Sunday class, etc.)
  • Break down a verse in sections. Memorize a section and then memorize another section. Put those together and repeat both sections. Continue doing this until you can say the entire verse.
  • Make flash cards. Put Scripture reference on one side and write the verse on the other side of card. After you have learned the verse, move to another Scripture. Go back and review the previous verse(s) that you have learned. After memorizing several verses, mix up the flash cards and see if you know which verse goes with which reference.
  • Make flash cards with a subject on one side and a verse on the other side. (Example – On side A write brokenhearted and on side B write the verse, He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. Psalm 147:3)
  • Read the verse out loud several times to yourself, and then try to say the verse out loud.
  • Write the verse several times.
  • Tape Scripture verses in several places where you will see them. Read the verse every time you see it. (Examples of places to tape verses – bathroom mirror, dashboard in car, on refrigerator door, on computer, on the television, closet door, etc.)
  • Write Scripture verse on a sheet of paper in large letters. Cut out each individual word and mix them up. Try to put the words together to complete the verse, like putting together a puzzle.
  • Read the verse and think about what it says and its meaning. Don’t just memorize words. Relating the words with the meaning will make it easier to memorize.
  • If you have trouble memorizing every word exactly, don’t get discouraged and quit trying to learn Scripture verses. You can have knowledge of what the verse says and know the Scripture reference, even if you can’t always repeat it word for word.