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Covering Mississippi in Prayer

A Short Course in Prayerwalking

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  • Join with other believers. Pray naturally, conversationally. Divide into pairs or triplets for the prayerwalking. This enhances participation.
  • Set aside time. Allowing one or two full hours gives prayerwalkers a good opportunity to manage preliminaries and follow-up discussions, although much can be accomplished in less time.
  • Choose an area. Ask God to guide you. It is best to learn the joys of prayerwalking in unfamiliar neighborhoods. You will return to your own neighborhood with fresh vision. Centers of commerce and religion provide meaningful prayer focus, but there is nothing like touching families, schools and churches in residential areas. If possible, find an elevated point to pray over a panoramic view of a city or town.
  • Pray with insight. Pray for the people you see. As you do, you might find the Spirit of God recalibrating your heart with His own sensitivities. Enhance these responsive insights with research done beforehand. Use knowledge of past events and current trends to enrich intercession. Above all, pray Scripture. If you have no clear place to begin praying, select some of the biblical prayers, and you will find that they almost pray themselves.
  • Focus on God. Make God’s promises rather than Satan’s schemes the highlight of your prayers. Consider the simplicity of first making direct appeal to the throne of God before attempting to pick street fights with demonic powers. Seek a restraining order from heaven upon evil so that God’s empowered people may bring forth intended blessings on the city.
  • After prayerwalking, re-gather and report. Share what you have experienced and prayed. Expressing your insights and faith will encourage other—as well as you. Set plans for further prayerwalking.
  • Coordinate efforts. Enlist other praying people to join with friends to cover special areas. Give leadership by forming and mixing prayer teams. Pool your insights to ascertain whether God is prompting repeated focus on particular areas. Eventually aim to cover you entire town or city.

—From Prayerwalking by Hawthorne and Kendrick