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Covering Mississippi in Prayer

Praying for Your Children

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Written by Fern Nichols

This article is courtesy of ParentLife

As a mother, many prayer requests for your children flood your mind. And in praying, you find that your fears turn to faith, and faith produces hope. The best way you can protect the hearts and minds of your children, even in an environment that could undermine godly values, is through prayer.

Praying for your children is the most significant thing you can do. God emphasizes this truth in Lamentations 2:19: “Pour out your heart like water before the Lord’s presence. Lift up your hands to Him for the lives of your children who are fainting from hunger on the corner of every street.”

A Personal Story

One day God convicted me of the importance of prayer. At the beginning of the school year in September 1984, I hugged and kissed my two oldest sons and sent them off to the junior high school not far from our home. As I walked back to the kitchen, the thoughts of what they would be facing brought a burden so heavy that I knew I could not bear it alone. I knew the power of corporate prayer from the verse found in Matthew 18:19, “If two of you on earth agree about any matter that you pray for, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven.”

I also was reminded of the principle of prayers multiplied when others pray with you, as declared in Ecclesiastes 4:12: “And if somebody overpowers one person, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”

I cried out, “Lord, there must be one other mom who will take time from her hectic schedule and pray with me for our children and the school.”

God answered that desperate cry, laying on my heart the name of another mom. I called her and asked if she would pray with me, and she agreed. We called other moms to join us. The next week five moms met in my home to unite in prayer for our children.

A Prayer Movement

Out of a desperate, burdened heart for my children, God began a worldwide prayer movement of moms called Moms In Touch International™ (MITI). In each chapter, two or more moms meet together for one hour a week to pray for children and schools.

God has called 150,000 women from approximately 100 countries to unite in prayer with one another for the lives of their children.

I saw my youngest child become much stronger in her faith and make wiser decisions during her turbulent teenage years because of the group of moms that prayed while she was in elementary school. Because of God’s faithfulness to His Word and the power of many moms’ prayers for many years, all four of my children are walking strongly with the Lord today.

Changing Lives

The “Four Steps of Prayer” used during the hour in MITI groups are praise, confession, thanksgiving, and intercession. These steps have been changing lives for almost 20 years.

Mary is one person whose life has been changed. She wrote: “Moms In Touch has taught me how to pray more than any sermon I have heard or book I have read. God has used it to transform my life into a daily love relationship with Him. I also am touched by the love the other moms have for my children.”

A burden shared through prayer becomes lighter and brings about great rejoicing when God answers. James 4:2 tells us, “You do not have because you do not ask.” Moms are asking in prayer and God is answering. Our children and their friends are getting saved. Bullies are being put out of business. Curriculums are changing. Teachers are being revived. Relationships are being healed. The fruit of prayer increases our faith to ask for even greater things.

Praying Scripture

Because God’s Word teaches us how to pray, Scripture is used throughout the Moms In Touch hour. When we pray Scripture, we are praying God’s will. During the intercession time, a Scripture is chosen. As we pray for each child, we place her name in the Scripture.

One week the Scripture 1 John 2:16 was chosen. Irene prayed, “Lord, I ask that Jody will be protected from ‘the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride in one’s lifestyle.’ ” Her prayer partners agreed praying that God would protect Jody from anything that her eyes should not see.

That week Jody, who was in fifth grade, was invited by a friend to a sleepover. During the course of the evening, the friend who was hosting the sleepover went into her brother’s bedroom, took one of his magazines, and lured the girls into the bathroom. She attempted to show them pornography. Jody said, “It’s not right; I’m leaving.” Irene did not find out until weeks later what had happened. One of the girls that left the party with Jody told her mom about the incident and said how glad she was that Jody had said something. It gave her the courage to do what was right.

Getting Involved

How can you get involved in a Moms In Touch group? First, find out if there is a Moms In Touch group for your child’s school through the Moms In Touch Web site,, or call (800) 949-MOMS.

If there is not a group for your school, start one. Become involved in this life-changing ministry. It will transform your life and your children’s lives, as well as your school and community. Do not miss out on the greatest legacy you can leave your children — your Christian faith.

Fern Nichols is the mother of four children and the founder of Moms In Touch International. She also is the author of Every Child Needs a Praying Mom.