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Covering Mississippi in Prayer

God Loves Children’s Prayers

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Written by Cheri Fuller

This article is courtesy of ParentLife magazine

“Why do you fly home after speaking all weekend to pray with kids?” someone asked me recently. She was referring to the Prayer Class I lead for children ages six through 12 on Sunday mornings.

“Because children are terrific pray-ers,” I answered. “Prayer is one way God has provided for them to know Him.”

For example, last Sunday in the worship service, Samuel, age 9, was asked to pray at the microphone. “Lord, help us all to have fun worshiping You and to have a good day. For anyone who has been hurt or who is in pain, please heal them. And God, make us all holy! In Jesus name, Amen,” he prayed.

Samuel’s prayer was short, but impacted many.

Those of us who work, play, and pray with children know there is no junior version of the Holy Spirit. The same Spirit who burdens adult Christians to pray also indwells Christian children.

One Sunday morning I witnessed firsthand how God can lead children to pray for others. My Sunday School group took a prayer walk to a nearby school. One girl saw the blue “Disabled Parking” sign and prayed, “Jesus, help the children who have to be in wheelchairs or who have handicaps. Protect them from teasing. Let them know You love them.”

Another child prayed: “Lord, I want to pray for all those children whose moms and dads are divorced. Help their parents, to be godly and loving. Help their families get back together and please comfort the kids.”

The children prayed for teachers, students, and the principal. It took only 20 minutes, but I believe the children’s prayers made an eternal difference.

Too often children are not brought into the prayer circle and, as adults, we underestimate their spiritual capacity. We figure that when they grow up, when they have longer attention spans or vocabularies, they can join in prayer.

But children can be wonderful prayer partners. They can learn to pray effectively if we tailor prayer times to their ability to focus and show them how to target their prayers. As we do, God can use their prayers to impact the world.

  • Start Now
  • Begin praying with children when they are young.
  • Pray at all times of the day to show that talking to God is part of everyday living.
  • Invite children to pray for specifics: parents, siblings, friends, problems at school, and people in need of God’s help.
  • Assure children that God is listening and hears their prayers.

Cheri Fuller is a speaker and an award-winning author of 29 books, including When Children Pray: How God Uses the Prayers of a Child (Multnomah Publishers), from which this article is adapted.