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Covering Mississippi in Prayer

Virtual PrayerWalking

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  1. Define virtual prayer walk: it is praying on site with insight though not physically on locale being prayer walked.
  2. Virtual Prayer Walk Goals:
    1. Remove barriers to receptivity and spread of the gospel
    2. To make the name of Jesus famous in every neighborhood
    3. To experience a spiritual transformation of community
    4. To see the salvation of every community
    5. A real prayer covering of area
  3. Virtual Prayer Walk Venues:

    DVD, Sunday evening, Wednesday evening, open ended, website; families

  4. Virtual Prayer Walk Resources:

    Newspapers; Television-Local News; Advertisements; Windshield Surveys; Visits – Community Leaders (Sheriff, Department of Human Resources, schools, local police departments, religious leaders, community ministry leaders, Board President-supervisor, city council)

  5. Virtual Prayer Walk Formats:
    • Wednesday night/Sunday night
    • DVD
    • Families
    • Open-ended
    • Possible areas: political; education; business; sub-communities –poverty, homeless, high crime; lostness; evangelical churches; agencies working
  6. Sample Formats:
    • Wednesday night/Sunday evening – VPW
      1. Plan 6 to 10 prayer stations throughout the church building. Each prayer station should have pictures, articles, scripture verses, statistics/facts of interest and specific prayer concerns for focus area. Could show pictures of streets. Instruct as to whether participants pray silently, two or three pray verbally, sentence prayers as participants are led.
      2. Divide participants in as many groups as you have prayer stations. Participants will read 2 briefs, discuss information and then pray according to instructions.
      3. Set a specified amount of time for each prayer station, rotating groups around the stations.
      4. An option would be to have soft music in the background for each station.
      5. Report back briefly as to what God has said to the whole group of participants or write your response and share with one person before leaving.
    • DVD
      1. Plan several prayer stations on DVD. These can be used for special prayer emphasis as congregation or used by families and individuals for private prayer experiences.
      2. Suggested Prayer Stations: each station should give information, have music appropriate to the station, scriptures printed or read by various representatives of the station, conduct interviews. Prayer stations should include: schools, business community, families, crime, evangelical churches in community, poverty; barriers to the gospel within the community; specific communities actually filming the streets; existing community ministries; children/youth of community; law enforcement; upcoming community events; other.
      3. Play DVD with specific prayer request given for station and stopping for guided prayer.
      4. Conclusion: give each participant opportunity to write their response. Have a church discussion of what has been learned and responded.

      NOTE: Each association could do its own VPW covering their area. One VPW using each format could be planned for the area.

    • Open-ended VPW

      Develop along lines of the above Wednesday night/Sunday evening VPW. A hallway may be used or a series of rooms. People could come at their leisure to prayer walk at a time promoted by the Virtual Prayer Walk Team. A person on the team may be host, but not necessary.

  7. Virtual Prayer Walk Leadership-VPW Team
    • Virtual Prayer Walk Leader
    • Station Team Leaders: for a VPW of 8 stations, 8 team members will be needed. Responsibility would include research and development of assigned prayer stations.
  8. Virtual Prayer Walk Evaluation:
    • # Participants
    • Testimony of participants as to change in their personal prayer activity
    • Where are gaps in covering?
    • Demonstration of the activity of God in transforming community
    • Life commitment to continued prayer