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Covering Mississippi in Prayer

Prayer e-sources

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Here are a few spots to hit up for specific prayer needs . . .

  • Already know the specific place you’d like to pray for? Click on to search for additional info and websites that have information about your people. Put a face and place to your prayers by searching for “virtual prayerwalks.” Visualizing who and what you’re praying for helps! Need help? Ask!
  • Still have no clue as to where, who or what to pray for? IMB’s CompassionNet website (CNet) is where you will find prayer requests from our overseas teams. They are always up-to-date. Check out Today’s Prayer and PrayerLine. Another option is to zero in on a few people groups and follow their prayer needs in their individual folders. Click on “Search requests by” and get prayin’.
  • Got your people group(s) to pray for and ready to roll? Get connected with more info on these people through the internet, e-newsletters, Skype chats or calls, or see these needs with your own eyes and go for a visit! You’ll be able to pray very specifically for them. Need help? Just ask for it.
  • Wanna dive deeper? Choose one of over 3,000 unengaged unreached people groups. We desperately need for groups to begin praying for one of these people groups who have no one working among them, no one developing strategies and no one sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Click on and access Unreached people groups not engaged by anyone.
  • Anything else? Yep! Keep a global perspective. Check out>Pray>Wednesday Window on the World. You’ll discover prayer requests that represent the most pressing global needs that we have. Try to include them at some point in your prayer gathering.
  • Got any videos? Sure do! Check out the Day of Prayer and Fasting for World Evangelization DVD. This year the emphasis is on forgotten peoples around the world: Loving the peoples of the hard places. You can build an entire prayer experience around this video with a short feature and a virtual prayer walk. Check it out.
  • Need anything else? Drop us an email at