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Covering Mississippi in Prayer

Mobilizing Your Prayer Group

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The following ideas are suggestions for ways to mobilize your group or church to pray. Be simple, plug into already existing ministries, don’t reinvent the wheel and enjoy the journey.

  • Develop a “virtual prayerwalk” for your people group. A virtual prayerwalk is a great way to help your people visualize and identify with your unengaged people group. Set aside time to view some of the virtual prayerwalks that are available through Let us know if you need assistance. These resources may help you create new ideas to use in your church or group. This is not difficult to prepare.
  • Mobilize people to help research your Unengaged Unreached People Group (UUPG)
  • Develop a blog for your UUPG.
  • Develop a “Facebook” venue for your UUPG and maybe call it something like “people book.”
  • Provide material for children in your church or family to learn and get involved.
  • Have a church-wide, campus or some other creative presentation! Make it interesting and fun.
  • Have daily, weekly or monthly prayer requests in the Sunday bulletin, church newsletter or other church communication tool. (email, Facebook, Twitter or on your church or group website)
  • Use displays from time to time to elevate awareness with pictures or cultural articles to encourage people to pray.
  • Arrange for occasional video clips about international missions and prayer.
  • Work with existing ministries to help educate people about praying for your UUPG.
  • Provide PowerPoint slides for Church media teams to educate about UUPGS.
  • Research to see if any person from your people group lives in your community.
  • Connect your UUPG into your annual international missions emphasis
  • Occasionally, prepare bulletin inserts or creative handouts with updated information about your UUPG.
  • Share information about how to pray with your people. Downloads are on the PRAYERthreads website. For assistance contact the prayer office at the IMB toll free at: 888-462-7729.
  • Email prayer updates about UUPG to church family.
  • Have a poster contest for children about the UUPG.
  • Have a contest for advertising slogans or themes for your UUPG.
  • Prepare wrist bands, T shirts, pens, bookmarks, magnets, etc. to help mobilize prayer. You could use some fun slogans such as:
    • Ask me about our UUPG
    • Mzab (Name of your UUPG)
    • I Love “The Hokkien”
    • Show Your Love – Pray for the Sokoto Fulani
    • Prayer: Just Do It - UUPGs
    • How Can They Hear
    • They Don’t Know About Jesus – Someone Must Tell
    • You think up additional ideas!
  • Mobilize children, students or adults to present short dramas to educate your people about your UUPG.
  • Select songs for worship that highlight prayer and missions with a short mention of your UUPG.
  • Prepare banners to encourage prayer for your UUPG and display them in prominent places.

Office of Global Prayer Strategy

Ed Cox, Director

Donna Burris, Consultant