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Covering Mississippi in Prayer

The 5 W’s Prayer Model

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The following is a prayer model to assist you as you prayerwalk. Each point in this prayer model begins with a “W”. It has been developed this way to make it easy to memorize and remember so that you can put it into practice as you prayerwalk. As you pray through this prayer model, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. He may give you particular insights as you pray through each point. Be careful to plead those insights that He gives you.

Worship (Psalm 22:3, 147:1)

As you prayerwalk, worship God for the following:

  • Worship Him for creating the people of that area;
  • Adore Him for His goodness and blessings on the area;
  • Praise Him for the believers and churches in the area;
  • Glorify Him for what He can and will do in the area;
  • Honor Him as the Sovereign Lord over that area;
  • Exalt Him for the compassion and mercy He has for the people in the area. (Plead with Him to give you other insights on how to worship Him as you prayerwalk.)

Warfare (Ephesians 6:10-20; 1 Peter 5:8-9; 2 Corinthians 10:3-5)

Before you prayerwalk, make sure that you pray the armor of God on. As you prayerwalk, pray in the power and authority of Jesus. Ask God to:

  • Bind and remove the evil spirits that work in the lives of the people;
  • Destroy the strongholds that Satan has built and hinders people from hearing and receiving the Word of God;
  • Protect the believers who are ministering to the people and striving to spread the gospel there.

Waiting (Psalm 46:10)

As you prayerwalk, take time to listen to God. Walk for a period of time asking Him to give you specific insight on how to pray for the area. Plead with Him to speak to you and guide you as you pray for the area. You might consider asking Him the following questions:

  • Father, what is on Your heart concerning this area?
  • Father, what needs do You want me to pray about for this area?
  • Father, what is Your desire for this community?

Witness (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8)

As you prayerwalk, pray for the spread of the gospel in the community. Plead that this area will receive a powerful witness to the gospel. You might consider praying the following:

  • That God would open the hearts of the people to receive the gospel.
  • That any obstacles to the gospel might be removed.
  • That God would empower the believers in the area to share the gospel with the community.
  • That God would give the churches in the area the wisdom and insight to reach the area with the gospel.

Walk (Matthew 5:13-16; Colossians 4:5-6)

By the term “walk”, I am referring to the lifestyle of the Christians in the area. Plead that:

  • The believers will be salt and light truly making a difference in the area.
  • That unbelievers will notice their godly lifestyles and want to know why they are different.
  • That the believers will live wisely among the lost, making the most of every opportunity to share the gospel with them.
  • That the lifestyle of believers would be gracious and effective in pointing others to Jesus Christ.

Provided by Dr. Kevin Meador ©