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Covering Mississippi in Prayer

Annotated Bibliography

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Whole Prayer: speaking and listening to God, Wangerin, Walter (1998)
Part of the Growing Deeper series. Wangerin is an author and educator best known for his novels and children’s books on Christian themes. Whole Prayer explores the dynamics of prayer — speaking, listening, waiting, and hearing God’s voice.
Transformational Church: Biblically grounded, culturally informed, world changing, Rainer, Thom & Stetzer, Ed (2010)
A comprehensive study of the modern American church to date, contains a wealth of indispensable new data, nuanced insights, and how-to guidance. The key thesis of this book is that “Transformational churches make disciples whose lives are being transformed by the gospel, so that people engage the culture around them for its ultimate transformation.”
Pray With Your Eyes Open, Pratt, Richard L (1987)
Offers the reader ways to deal with inadequate prayer lives. Pratt offers biblical direction on how to pray more effectively. Key issues such as honest confession, form and freedom in prayer, and God’s will are explored. Discussion questions, practical exercise and assignments follow each chapter. Recommended for classes and study groups as well as individuals.
The Prayer-Saturated Church: A comprehensive handbook for prayer leaders, Frizzell, Greg (2007)
Provides step-by-step, practical help for mobilizing, organizing, and motivating believers to make their church a house of prayer. Frizzell is a veteran prayer leader with hands-on experience in local church prayer organization. Many copies of this book include a CD with resources to help church-wide prayer organizers.
The Power of a Praying Woman, Omartian, Stormie (2006)
Part of the Power of a Praying series. Focuses on the prayer life of women and gives specific devotions to many of life’s needs. Each chapter includes example prayers and biblical references.
*(audio) The Power of a Praying Parent, Omartian, Stormie (2006)
Part of the Power of a Praying series. Focuses on the prayer life of parents and gives specific devotions to the needs of family relationships. Each chapter includes example prayers and biblical references.
The Only Necessary Thing: Living a Prayerful Life, Nouwen, Henri (2008)
A collection of writings and short essays on prayer and public life. Themes include desire, solitude, listening, community, forgiveness, death, and eternal life.
Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home, Foster, Richard (2002)
A comprehensive introduction to, and survey of, the practice and experience of prayer for Christian life. Foster’s writing draws from many different traditions and experiences. Topics include: covenant prayer, meditative prayer, contemplative prayer, healing prayer, intercessory prayer, and radical prayer. Also includes scripture and subject index.
*(Video) Prayerlife: Walking in Fellowship with God, Hunt, T. W.
Features Dr. T. W. Hunt teaching on prayer based on prayers in the Bible. These tapes help deepen the viewer’s own prayer life and help the church establish an intercessory prayer ministry. A thirteen-session program on four tapes.
Encyclopedia of Prayer and Praise, Walter, Mark (2004)
Contains a large and comprehensive collection of 5,000 prayers and writings on prayer from the past two millennia. The encyclopedia is divided into two sections. The first part organizes prayers by theme and occasion. The second part contains extracts from classic teachings and writings. Useful as a reference tool for writing and developing prayers.
Prayer in the New Testament, Cullmann, Oscar (1994)
Examines the practice and doctrine of prayer in the New Testament. Cullmann shows how New Testament prayer emphasizes the nearness of God by covering topics on the difficulties of praying, objections to prayer, and human weakness.
Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Crump, David (2006)
Examines prayer in the New Testament, to seek understanding about the nature of petitionary prayer. Crump examines the prayers of Christ, the early Church, the apostle Paul. Knocking on Heaven’s Door provides practical application and theology with serious scholarship. Includes scriptural and topical index.
Experiencing Prayer with Jesus, Blackaby, Henry (2006)
A small and easy to read book that provides an understandable framework for personal prayer life. Blackaby’s model for prayer is found in Christ’s communication with God. Contains prayer examples and responsive reading. Ideal for small groups and Sunday School settings.
Fresh Encounter, Blackaby, Richard (2009)
Written for church leaders and laypersons as a guide for seeking God’s plan during personal revival and spiritual awakening. Additional resources for this book include a six-session video series, audio books, and devotional guides.
*(audio) The Prayer of Jabez, Wilkinson, Bruce (2001)
Popular book that has spawned Bible studies and various spin-offs. The Prayer of Jabez covers the importance of prayer in personal life as well as prayer for personal needs. Useful for small group study, Sunday School classes, and one-on-one devotionals. (MBCB also has Prayer of Jabez for Women as an audio book).
Complete Works of E. M. Bounds on Prayer, Bounds, E. M. (2004)
Bounds was a minister and chaplain during the Civil War. During his life he wrote extensively on the topic of prayer. This edition is a collection of his eight writings. Included in this volume are 120 entries about the essentials, necessity, possibilities, power, purpose, reality, and weapon of prayer.
Prayer: Does it make a difference?, Yancy, Philip (2008)
A DVD-driven group study that explores the relationship between God and man through prayer. Ideal for small groups and Sunday School classes. Explores such questions as “is God listening?”, “Why should God care about me?”, “if God knows everything what’s the point of prayer?”
The Prayer of Jesus: Living the Lord’s Prayer, Hemphill, Ken (2002)
A book and six-part DVD series that explores the Lord’s Prayer and how it can be utilized for daily living. Topics addressed include three reasons prayer doesn’t seem to work, and three realities, responsibilities, requests, and reminders from the Prayer of Jesus. The video also includes a promotional clip for use both inside and outside the church community.
When God’s People Pray, Cymbala, Jim (2007)
Part of a DVD and curriculum book series. Through six sessions, small groups will discuss the power God has to restore hope, ignite faith, work miracles, and change lives through prayer.
Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer, Lewis, C. S. (2002)
Written in letter style, Lewis explains the spiritual complexity of prayer. Lewis also considers practical and metaphysical aspects of private prayer, petitionary prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, and other forms of prayer. Ideal for personal reading and anecdotal inspiration.
Growing Disciples Series: Pray In Faith, Hunt, T. W. & King, Claude (2007)
Part of the Growing Disciples series. A six-week study that includes leader guides and workbooks. Ideal for small groups and Sunday School classes. Participants learn to hear from God in prayer, respond to God through confession, praise, worship and thanksgiving, and join His work through petition and intercession. Special emphasis is given to experiencing the greater insight and authority God grants to united prayers of agreement with others.
Come to the Lord’s Table, King, Claude (2009)
This 4-session study equips Christians and churches to prepare for and celebrate the Lord’s Supper in a worthy manner. Daily devotionals and assignments help participants:
  • Remember Christ’s loving sacrifice on the cross
  • Renew their first love for Christ
  • Prepare to participate in the Lord’s Supper through personal examination, spiritual cleansing, and reconciliation of relationships
  • Re-establish Christ-honoring relationships in the body of Christ
  • And move toward Christ-likeness
Lord, Teach Me to Pray: Practicing a Powerful Pattern of Prayer, Arthur, Kay (2002)
A five-session, interactive, discipleship study that helps women grow in a love for God’s Word and in a desire to communicate with Him. Ideal for women’s study groups. Includes workbooks, study guides, DVD, and leader materials.
Lord, Teach Me to Pray for Kids, Arthur, Kay (2002)
Part of popular Bible study series that presents lessons, puzzles, activities, and stories that teach children the importance of prayer. Ideal for children’s groups.
*(audio) Praying God’s Word, Moore, Beth (2003)
Part of the Breaking Free from Spiritual Strongholds series. Develops a structured guide to prayer by using a Biblical framework to build upon. Ideal for small groups and personal study.
A Hunger for God: Desiring God through fasting and prayer, Piper, John (1997)
Part of the best selling Desiring God series. Topics include how Christians can draw closer to God though the act of prayer, meditation, and fasting. Ideal for personal edification and study on the subject of prayer and fasting.