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Mississippi Missions Educators (MMEs)

Missions Educators are specialized workers that assist the Mississippi WMU staff in equipping missions leaders across the state.

Missions Educators are volunteers who have experience and training in the specific areas where they serve. These volunteers are available to assist your association, church, or group by leading conferences, conducting one on one consultations, speaking, and etc…

MME Missions Educators serve in the following areas:

There are two ways to enlist a Mississippi Missions Educator:

  1. You can contact Mississippi WMU for a Field Service Request Form. Or download/print a copy here. Link to PDF filepdf

    Through Field Service, WMU will cover the MMEs’ expenses and work with you to determine your cost, if any.

  2. You can choose to contact an MME directly. Acquire a current list of names and addresses from the Mississippi WMU office.

    If you are contacting an MME directly, please remember that they are volunteers and should be compensated for their time and expenses.

List of Missions Educators by Areas of Service Link to PDF filepdf

For more information contact Tammy Anderson in the Mississippi WMU office at 800-748-1651, ext. 323 or 601-292-3323 or