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“Camp Garaywa Testimonials”

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“This summer I came to understand His grace so much more deeply than I ever have in my life and I was really blessed by the book of Ephesians. Also, I got to see exactly how the Church is supposed to be for the first time. I'd never seen such an example of the Church before this summer.” –Kortney Whitaker

“Garaywa changed me this summer. It brought my relationship to God, which had been stagnant for too long, to a much better place. It also showed me SO many new ways to work for God's kingdom and new ways to love people.” –Ashley Bullard

“I went to Garaywa once as a camper, and I just loved it! From being a camper, I knew I would come back as a CIT and cabin leader, and both of those I did. Over this year, God showed me that He doesn't call us to work in perfect situations, and I really felt led to work at Garaywa this summer. I've learned that I am called to live in unity with everyone! If I don't feel unified with someone, I am the only person that I can change- so something about me should adjust to help me live at peace with other people. Also, this summer I learned that I loved being a mother to 14 girls the whole summer. Sacrificing my wants, appearance, time, energy, and sleep for the girls was the most rewarding thing ever. I would do anything for any of my girls, and the Lord showed me the compassion He has instilled in me for children. I sincerely wish I could be a cabin leader all day every day. I enjoyed being with children so much during this summer, that I hope God's plan for my life includes helping children- orphanage, Foster, etc.” -Sarah DeLee

Garaywa photo Garaywa photo Garaywa photo

“I applied to work at Garaywa because I have been there every summer for years, and I have met the most incredible people and had the best times. This summer meant everything to me, and it was the biggest and most incredible blessing God has ever given me.” –Ashley Felder

“I applied to work at Garaywa because I felt God leading me to serve him this summer. I knew that he had given me a passion for kids so Garaywa was a place where I could both serve him and work with girls. This summer changed me in many ways. I got to watch God work in my life and the other girls on staff. He brought us close together and bonded us in ways I would have never imagined. I learned this summer that God's plans our better than ours.... we saw that in the storms and sickness. Also I learned and saw an earthly picture of what it looks like for God to love me past my flaws and mistakes and then showed me how to love other people back in that same way.” –Amellia Pearman

“My initial reason in doing it was because I love the GARAYWA atmosphere. But throughout the week I realized there is much more to it than I thought. As a leader, seeing girls my little sister's age, it's moving to see the way they fearlessly run after Christ. My favorite part of serving was definitely the feeling of being a part of something much bigger than yourself with great people.” –Ryann Phillips; CIT 2012

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“Garaywa is a place to grow spiritually with other girls. And not just the other campers, but the counselors and lead team too. A place where appearance or background doesn't matter… We're all there because we share a love for the Lord and a love for missions. It's an opportunity to escape the real world for a week and recharge. And it's not just about being on fire for God that one week, I learn how to maintain and intensify that fire even when I get home. I've made friendships that I know will last forever and I've experienced things I know I will never forget. Garaywa is where I realized my passion for missions, where I learned how it feels to truly have sisters in Christ, and ultimately what it means to be a princess of the King. Garaywa is not just a camp; it's home. A home that I will continue to thank God for for the rest of my life.” –Laura Lee Dyar; Camper

“Trip of a lifetime, that’s what I had at Camp GARAYWA in June. This was my 2nd trip to the Godliest place in Clinton. It’s such a beautiful place to study God’s word and the cabins were amazing. My cabin leaders were Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Dee. I wrote them a thank you card after I left and they both wrote me back. This year Don and Teresa Bolls were there along with their granddaughter, Rachel, Jonathan’s sister Carlie, Alaina, Payton, and of course Mrs. Alicia was there. The big blue bathtub was so much fun and I loved swimming in it every day. Drama was so fun and I even played Jesus on the final day. In missions, we learned about Niger and saw the work they did. We loved seeing all the things they use in Niger. Without Camp GARAYWA, I would not get to know things about missions and get closer to the Lord.” –Mikala McDonald; Camper

“Thank you so much for providing a safe, caring, and God-centered environment for my daughter at camp. Emily Grace was at GARAYWA the week of June 18-22. Before she left, I prayed she would have a true encounter with the Lord. That prayer was certainly answered. We laughed later when my sister quizzed Emily Grace about camp and they compared “notes”. (My sister attended GARAYWA 45 years ago)Many of the activities were the same and my sister said, “I always felt close to God there.” We decided you have a well-oiled “Holy Spirit Machine” and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Here’s to 45 more years.” –Cammy Tidwell; Parent of Camper