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In past years the Margaret Lackey State Mission Offering was promoted in August-September, but the offering has now become a year-round mission endeavor. The Margaret Lackey State Mission Offering helps Mississippians learn about missions, pray for missions, give to missions, and participate in missions.

The Margaret Lackey Offering is the primary funding stream for key missional emphases to support efforts in many different areas: Camp Garaywa, Central Hills, Missions Volunteers, New Church Starts, Community Mission Projects, Disaster Relief, Criminal Justice, College Outreach, Christian Women’s/Men’s Job Corps, Cross-Cultural Evangelism, Language/Deaf Ministry, and Port Ministry. Margaret Lackey is like the Cooperative Program’s little sister and adds value to what Mississippi Baptists are doing together in missions, Christian education, church leadership, and benevolence. The offering helps position us to fulfill the Great Commission appeal of Acts 1:8.

The 2014 state mission emphasis is Give from a New Heart. Ezekiel 11:19-21 says…

And I will give them one heart and put a new spirit within them; I will remove their heart of stone…and give them a heart of flesh, so they may follow my statutes and keep my ordinances in obedience. Then they will be my people, and I will be their God.

Mississippi Baptists pray every year for God to unite their hearts in missionary efforts focused on leading our neighbors to have a closer relationship with Jesus. Our heartfelt efforts include hot meals following natural disasters, construction teams for new churches, gospel events for community enrichment, mission camps for youngsters, job skill training for the unemployed, and Christian hospitality for international students and sailors.

We help send over 10,000 mission volunteers every year. Our mission efforts are funded by open-hearted generosity through the Margaret Lackey State Mission Offering. Mississippi Baptist churches have given over $2 million dollars over the past five year, but in 2013 we missed the goal by over $100,000. The goal in 2013 was $2.1 million; total gifts received in 2013 were $1,927,388. Your gift to Margaret Lackey does make a difference.

Ask God to give you a new hear overflowing with compassion and generosity as you decide what to give through state missions in 2014.

Change my heart, Oh God…

Make it ever new….

Make us more like you…

When we unite our hearts with His Spirit and His purpose we can be the channel guided by Him to transform lives and communities in honor of our Savior.


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You may order materials using our Margaret Lackey promotional materials order form.

For your convenience in making suggestions regarding offering promotion or reporting unique ideas your church has used successfully in obtaining your offering goals, please write us at

Please encourage appropriate partners in your congregation to work with you in conducting this effort. Do not hesitate to share the needs which Mississippi has for the gospel of Jesus Christ or apologize for asking God’s people to give. Use the links below to learn more about the Season of Prayer for Mississippi Baptist State Missions and the Margaret Lackey State Mission Offering and how you can be involved in promoting and giving to the offering.

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