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Seven Steps to Starting New Churches

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7 Steps imageStep One:

Receive a Vision from God.

Action Points Start Date Target Completion Date
1.1 Receive God’s vision for the church plant.
1.2 Plan a Commitment Sunday
1.3 Develop an intercessory prayer plan for church plant
1.4 Engage possible ministry partners who sense God’s leading to be involved in this new church start.
1.5 Consult and initiate partnership with associational director of missions and the association’s On Mission or New Work Team.
1.6 Consult with regional church planting missionary or state convention for assistance with identifying the target area for the new church plant and in assessing potential church planters.
1.7 Focus and refine God’s vision for the church plant including consideration of particular church planting model
1.8 Define the target area and/or people group; gather data by completing demographic study
1.9 Join a Acts 1.8 Church Network

7 Steps imageStep Two:

Enlist a Team.

Action Points Start Date Target Completion Date
2.1 Identify and enlist a church planter, who may be someone in your church!
Discovery Day Event
Use Discovery Tools
Church Planter Assessment
2.2 Enlist and build a support system for the church planter:
Intercessory Prayer Team
2.3 Identify and enlist people who sense a desire (apostolic people) to participate in a new church plant
2.4 Clarify the functions – worship, Bible study, fellowship, evangelism, discipleship – and enlist a team
2.5 Recruit Children’s workers
2.6 Confirm partners for the church plant (partnering individuals, churches, local association, and state convention)
2.7 Church Planter should register for and attend a Basic Training for Church Planters conference along with:
2-3 leaders from new church plant
2.8 Suggest that the church planter relate to a Church Planter Network

7 Steps imageStep Three:

From Vision to Place.

Action Points Start Date Target Completion Date
3.1 Refine and develop vision:
Mission statement and statement of faith
Biblical and spiritual foundations
Core values
Annual goals
3.2 Write a church planting proposal
3.3 Describe and develop a ministry focus group
3.4 Design covenants:
Complete partnership covenants
Develop the covenant agreement for the new church plant
3.5 Develop early church plant strategy:
Work on the church plant launch plan (master plan)
Brainstorm critical mile posts with the leadership team of the church plant
3.6 Seek God’s location for the church plant and identify a potential place to meet
3.7 Develop budget:
Project cash flow for first year
Secure resources for church plant
3.8 Develop public relations plan
3.9 Select church name and secure postal address.

7 Steps imageStep Four:

Find Receptive People.

Action Points Start Date Target Completion Date
4.1 Verify demographic study by conducting community surveys.
4.2 Begin community cultivation:
Identify first prospects
Penetrate key community networks
Interview community leaders
4.3 Conduct prayerwalks in the community
4.4 Begin evangelistic Bible studies.
4.5 Establish assimilation system.
4.6 Determine initial church organization and decision-making process

7 Steps imageStep Five:

Evangelize Nonbelievers.

Action Points Start Date Target Completion Date
5.1 Mobilize prayer plan for the new church.
5.2 Continue conducting prayerwalks in target area.
5.3 Adopt outreach plan, identifying the various methodologies to be used.
5.4 Equip participants in evangelism methodologies.
5.5 Schedule and conduct ministry experiences in target area.
5.6 Increase outreach efforts in target area:
Mass telephone calling.
“Acts of kindness” evangelism projects
Special evangelistic events.
5.7 Hold prelaunch activity a few weeks before the celebration (Grand Opening) launch of the new congregation
5.8 Begin developing ideas and plans for reproducing leaders and reproducing (planting) a new church
5.9 Discover core group members.

7 Steps imageStep Six:

Disciple people by building a core group.

Action Points Start Date Target Completion Date
6.1 Form the core group and secure a covenant agreement from core group members.
Begin core group meetings.
Develop ministry leadership.
6.2 Develop small group strategy, determine curriculum, and enlist small group leaders.
6.3 Secure meeting place and confirm launch date.
6.4 Conduct training:
(plan for at least once per year)
Assimilation system
Children’s workers
Small group leaders
Worship team
6.5 Design ministry placement process; recruit, and train ministry placement consultants.
6.6 Begin gathering of people and begin prelaunch mini-services.
6.7 Design newcomers orientation class.
6.8 Start new children’s classes
6.9 Outline a two-year growth strategy:

7 Steps imageStep Seven:

Launch of the New Church.

Action Points Start Date Target Completion Date
7.1 Implement public relations and communication plan
(create logo, order stationary and business cards, produce advertising materials, determine newsletter publication schedule, design and schedule advertising schedule, contract printing of PR materials, develop new church outreach brochure, send first direct-mail piece, begin placing LAUNCH SUNDAY ads in various media forms, etc.)
7.2 Clarify financial and administration issues
(secure banking accounts), establish financial bookkeeping procedures, confirm receipting procedures, deal with legal and insurance issues, apply for bulk rate mailing permit, etc.)
7.3 Outline first sermon series and plan worship services for first quarter.
7.4 Develop LAUNCH Sunday checklist and begin assigning core group members to LAUNCH Sunday ministry needs.
(Triple check for LAUNCH Sunday nursery and children’s workers).
7.5 Secure site equipment and mobilize site set-up crew.
7.6 Finish all materials needed for first quarter’s services
(so there will be time to visit for the majority of focus just before and after the launch.)
7.7 Conduct a dry run of the LAUNCH Sunday worship celebration to work out any glitches before the event.
7.8 Implement strategy for the first 100 days
(and share highlights on LAUNCH Sunday)

View pdf Link to PDF file version.