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Clarence Cooper"The Cooperative Program is to Southern Baptist life what the heart is to the human body. While the heart pumps blood to the entire human body to keep it alive, fully functional, and active, I believe the Cooperative Program acts as the heart that pumps life into the body of the Southern Baptists. It is tried and proven to give life to every area of the Great Commission. Let us not allow the Cooperative Program to die lest a denomination dies with it."

Clarence Cooper-- Pastor of Brandon Baptist Church



What is the Cooperative Program?

How Does The Cooperative Program Work?

It is a financial channel of cooperation between the state conventions and the Southern Baptist Convention. When you make an undesignated gift to the Lord through your church, you directly support the missionary, education, and benevolent work in your state convention. You also support the work of the Southern Baptist Convention here in the United States and all over the world.



Matt Buckles

"I grew up in a small rural church in the southwestern corner of our state where I was taught the Cooperative Program. My pastors would tell stories of how the Cooperative Program reached beyond our little church to support SBC missionaries and other ministries. I knew that my offerings in my church were part of something much larger than I could imagine. Later, as a young minister and theological student at Mississippi College and the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (institutions supported directly by the Mississippi Baptist Convention's portion of the Cooperative Program), I was given more detail to understand the in-depth workings of our Baptist cooperative ministries. Today, I pastor a church which has accepted the 1% challenge to increase our Cooperative Program giving. Beginning this year at our current 10% conviction, we are giving an extra one-quarter of one percent annually over a four-year period to make this challenge a reality. In 2013, our church gave a record high to the Cooperative Program because our people experienced the joy of giving and know that our gifts are at work locally and globally. I hope other churches will accept this challenge and promote an increase in what is available to support our Baptist missionaries and ministries. My journey began when church leaders taught me how the SBC cooperative way works. I have remained firmly on this path and will continue to teach others that they may walk with me in strongly supporting our SBC and MBC missions and ministries."

Matt Buckles-- Pastor of First Baptist Church, Vicksburg





Cooperative Program logo A Little CP History

In 1845 Southern Baptists decided to put all of the mission efforts under one convention organization. Each agency elects trustee boards to oversee their operations, but everyone also operates under the umbrella of the Southern Baptist Convention. The work of these trustees ties each area to the larger convention.




David Hamilton"As a pastor for 40 plus years in five Southern Baptist Churches in Texas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi, I have seen again and again the genius of the concept of the Cooperative Program in fulfilling the Great Commission Jesus gave to His Church. I believe in the method of how the Cooperative Program works. I believe in the Cooperative Program because it encourages us as local churches to do together what we cannot do as a single church body in our state, our nation and the world. I believe in the Cooperative Program because each church is at liberty to choose how much it can give to world missions. I believe in the Cooperative Program because it also funds our Southern Baptist Seminaries and helps train future church leaders. I am grateful to the Cooperative Program for helping to fund my education. I believe in the Cooperative Program because more of each mission dollar will reach the mission field than any other method of which I am aware. I believe in the Cooperative Program because I believe it was God-given to Southern Baptists in 1925. There is no better method for the funding of sharing the gospel. I believe in the Cooperative Program because it ties us together as Southern Baptists as we carry out our responsibilities in evangelism and missions."

Forrest Sheffield-- Pastor of Harrisburg Baptist Church, Tupelo


The essence of the Cooperative Program is to fulfill the Great Commission. Jesus’ command to witness in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth was not optional, but mandatory. The Cooperative Program compels us to be a witness at home and around the world at the same time.

David Hamilton

"From my earliest memories, I was taught the importance of the Cooperative Program. It is the lifeline of Southern Baptists. I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church, attended and graduated from one of our Mississippi Baptist Colleges. I also graduated from a Southern Baptist Seminary. All of this was made possible because of, and by, the Cooperative Program. The Cooperative Program helps us as Southern Baptists fulfill the Great Commission. I am thankful for the investment that Southern Baptists have made in my life, and I will be forever grateful for the Cooperative Program."

David Hamilton-- Pastor of West Heights Baptist Church, Pontotoc




The Cooperative Program encourages Baptists to participate in the full range of God’s kingdom work in our world. Sometimes people only want to support a particular ministry or a special endeavor, but CP is all-encompassing. Our vision is enlarged to include everything from evangelistic penetration in the Third World to strengthening Christian colleges at home.

Mark Cooper"For what is now approaching a century, the Cooperative Program has been the gold standard for funding world-wide missions endeavors, and preparing those who have answered God's call to "go make disciples." Other denominations have attempted to find its flaws, and from time to time, even some Southern Baptists have wondered if we might find a better way. In spite of all the evaluations, speculations and implications, the Cooperative Program lives on, allowing both big churches and small to work together to fund the most effective missions enterprise of the church age. I want to encourage Southern Baptist pastors and churches throughout our convention to continue to enthusiastically support, and even increase our support of the Cooperative Program. There are other good missions causes in which we might choose to participate, but we should never forget that when it comes to effectiveness, there has never been a more worthwhile way to send the Gospel to the ends of the earth."

Mark Smith-- Pastor of First Baptist Church, Jackson


The Cooperative Program is safe. Accountability has been, is, and will continue to be an encouragement to generous giving. Mississippi Baptists know where our money goes and what it does.

CP DAY is April 12, 2015

CP Regional Dinners with Dr. Jim Futral are:

CP Luncheon for Executive Board Members (invitation only) 11:30, First Baptist Church
Stewardship Dinner (invitation only) 5:30, First Baptist Church