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172nd Mississippi Baptist Convention

Convention Session Reports

Convention program cover


October 30, 2007 • Tuesday Morning First Session

Time Event Other Information
8:25 Prelude Organist/Pianist, FBC, Jackson
8:30 Sounding of the Gavel Clarence Cooper
Congregational Praise Lavon Gray
Scripture Reading:
John Prepares the Way in Judea — Mark 1:2-8
Bill Duncan
Prayer George Berger
8:45 Organization of the Convention Clarence Cooper
Recognition and Seating of Messengers
Report of Committee on Order of Business Gary Shows
Recognition of Tellers and Credentials Committee Clarence Cooper
Welcome from FBC, Jackson Stan Buckley
8:55 Congregational Praise Lavon Gray
9:00 Bible Treasure Richard Blackaby
9:25 Report of Committee on Committees Greg Herndon
9:30 Presentation of Resolutions
9:35 Election of the President Clarence Cooper
10:00 Congregational Praise Barry Worrell
10:05 Christian Action Commission Report Jimmy Porter
10:15 Baptist Children’s Village Report Rory Lee
10:25 Convention Board Report Mickey Dalrymple
10:35 Congregational Praise Barry Worrell
10:45 Choral Praise Sanctuary Choir
Emmanuel Baptist Church, Grenada
11:00 President’s Address Clarence Cooper
11:30 Benediction Courtney Selvy

October 30, 2007 • Tuesday Afternoon, Second Session

Time Event Other Information
1:30 Prelude Organist/Pianist, FBC, Jackson
1:35 Sounding of the Gavel Joel Medina
Congregational Praise Allen Harris
Scripture Reading:
Jesus is Born in Judea — Luke 2:1-7
Michael Waldrop
Prayer Paul Blanchard
1:45 Bible Treasure Richard Blackaby
2:10 Results of Election of President Clarence Cooper
2:15 Testimony
God at Work in my Judea
Archie Herrin
2:30 Congregational Praise Allen Harris
2:35 Business Session Clarence Cooper
Presentation of 2008 Budget Weldon Aultman
Election of Convention Officers Clarence Cooper
Presentation of Resolutions
Report of Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Miscellaneous Business
3:05 Report of Board of Ministerial Education Gary Shows
3:15 Mississippi Baptist Foundation Daniel Hall
3:25 Business Session Clarence Cooper
Election of Convention Officers
Miscellaneous Business
3:55 Congregational Praise Allen Harris
4:00 Choral Praise Sanctuary Choir
North Oxford Baptist Church, Oxford
4:15 Convention Sermon Gary Richardson
4:45 Benediction Truman Scarborough

October 30, 2007 • Tuesday Night, Third Session

Time Event Other Information
6:30 Choral Praise Mississippi Singing Churchmen
6:40 Sounding of Gavel Clarence Cooper
Congregational Praise Graham Smith
Scripture Reading:
Jesus Brings Life in Judea — Luke 7:11-17
Charles Rodgers
Prayer Jim Burke
6:50 Choral Praise Mississippi Singing Churchmen
6:55 Final Presentation of Resolutions
7:00 Recognition of Associational Missions Directors Jim Futral
7:15 Testimony
God at Work in my Judea
M.C. Johnson
7:30 Congregational Praise Graham Smith
7:35 Choral Praise Mississippi Singing Churchmen
7:45 Mississippi Baptist Convention Board Emphasis Jim Futral
8:15 Benediction Talmadge Smith

October 31, 2007 • Wednesday Morning, Fourth Session

Time Event Other Information
8:25 Prelude William Carey University Chorale
8:30 Sounding of the Gavel David Hamilton
Congregational Praise Randy Cuchens
Scripture Reading:
Church Empowered in Judea — Acts 2:14-20
Jim Harrington
Prayer Allen Stephens
8:45 Bible Treasure Richard Blackaby
9:10 Report of Education Commission James Spencer
9:15 Memorial Service Steve Stone
9:25 Choral Praise William Carey University Chorale
9:35 Introduction of College Presidents Clarence Cooper
9:45 William Carey University Report Tommy King
9:55 Testimony
God at Work in my Judea
Wayne Edwards
10:10 Business Session Clarence Cooper
Adoption of 2008 Budget Weldon Aultman
Committee on Nominations Report Matt Buckles
Time, Place & Preacher Committee Report Forrest Sheffield
Resolutions Committee Report Jim Harrington
Miscellaneous Business Clarence Cooper
10:40 Congregational Praise Randy Cuchens
10:45 Missions Mobilization Ken Rhodes
10:55 Choral Praise William Carey University Chorale
11:00 Message Junior Hill
11:40 Benediction Dwight Smith

Featured Speakers

Richard BlackabyRichard Blackaby, president of Blackaby Ministries International, grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and lives in Cochrane, Alberta Canada. He is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan and received his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy in Church History from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served as a senior pastor of a church in Winnipeg and was the president of the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary in Cochrane for 13 years. He has co-authored a dozen books with his father as well as writing other books including Putting a Face on Grace: Living a Life Worth Passing On. Richard travels across North America and internationally speaking on spiritual leadership and the Christian life. He and his wife, Lisa, are the parents of two sons and a daughter.

Clarence CooperClarence Cooper, pastor of Emmanuel BC, Grenada, since 1985, was born in Spartanburg, S.C. He is a graduate of Blue Mountain College and Luther Rice Seminary with a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Divinity. Former pastorates include New Liberty BC, Vardaman, and Mary’s Chapel BC, Ripley, Tenn. Denominational service includes MB Convention president, MBC Board president, MBCB Executive Committee chair, and member of SBC Executive Committee. During his 35 years of ministry, he has spoken at numerous revivals, conferences, and workshops. He and his wife, Darlene, have a son and a daughter, and two grandchildren.

Junior HillJunior Hill, began his ministry at age 19 and served as pastor for 11 years in Alabama and Mississippi before entering vocational evangelism in 1967 as a full-time Southern Baptist Evangelist. A native of Hartselle, Ala., he received his Bachelor of Science degree from Samford University, Birmingham, Ala., and his Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He has conducted over 1500 revivals, numerous foreign crusades, and is a frequent speaker at pastors’ meetings, evangelism conferences, seminaries, and state conventions. He and his wife, Carole, are the parents of two children, and the grandparents of five grandchildren.

Gary RichardsonGary Richardson, pastor of North Oxford BC, Oxford, is a native Mississippian. After 19 years in business, God called him into full-time ministry in 1991. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi College and a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He has also served as pastor of Edgewater BC, New Orleans, La., and FBC, West Point, Miss. Currently he is serving as chair of the Executive Committee of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board and as a member of the SBC Committee on Committees for 2008. He and his wife, Janet, have three children and five grandchildren.

Program Personalities

Personality Position
Aultman, Weldon Lay Member, FBC, Indianola
Berger, George AMD, Lebanon BA, Hattiesburg
Blackaby, Richard Blackaby Ministries International, Atlanta, GA
Blanchard, Paul AMD, Winston BA, Louisville
Buckles, Matt Pastor, FBC, Vicksburg
Buckley, Stan Senior Pastor, FBC, Jackson
Burke, Jim AMD, Lafayette & Marshall BA, Oxford
Cooper, Clarence Pastor, Emmanuel BC, Grenada
Cuchens, Randy Minister of Music, FBC, Newton
Dalrymple, Mickey Pastor, Fairview BC, Columbus
Duncan, Bill Church Planting Consultant, MBCB
Edwards, Wayne AMD, Lauderdale BA, Marion
Futral, Jim Executive Director-Treasurer, MBCB
Gray, Lavon Minister of Music/Worship, FBC, Jackson
Hall, Daniel Executive Director, Mississippi Baptist Foundation, MBC
Hamilton, David Pastor, West Heights BC, Pontotoc
Harrington, Jim AMD, Monroe BA, Becker
Harris, Allen Minister of Music, North Oxford BC, Oxford
Herndon, Greg Pastor, FBC Troy, Pontotoc
Herrin, Archie AMD, Lawrence, Marion, & Walthall BA, Columbia
Hill, Junior Evangelist, Hartselle, AL
Johnson, M.C. AMD, North Delta BA, Clarksdale
King, Tommy President, William Carey University, Hattiesburg
Lee, Rory Executive Director, Baptist Children’s Village, Clinton
Malone, Mark Dean, Winters School of Music, William Carey University, Hattiesburg
Medina, Joel Pastor, Iglesia Internacional-Las Americas, Carthage
Porter, Jimmy Executive Director-Treasurer, Christian Action Commission, MBC
Rhodes, Ken Director, Missions Mobilization, MBCB
Richardson, Gary Pastor, North Oxford BC, Oxford
Rodgers, Charles AMD, Jackson BA, Pascagoula
Scarborough, Truman AMD, Yalobusha BA, Coffeeville
Selvy, Courtney AMD, Panola BA, Batesville
Sheffield, Forrest Pastor, Harrisburg BC, Tupelo
Shows, Gary Associate Pastor, Temple BC, Hattiesburg
Smith, Dwight AMD, Wayne BA, Waynesboro
Smith, Graham Director, Church Music, MBCB
Smith, Talmadge AMD, Lincoln BA, Brookhaven
Spencer, James Pastor, Fellowship BC, Hernando
Stephens, Allen AMD, Rankin BA, Brandon
Stone, Steve Associate Executive Director Church Growth, MBCB
Valentine, Milfred Director, Mississippi Singing Churchmen, Prentiss BC, Prentiss
Waldrop, Michael AMD, Calhoun BA, Calhoun City
Worrell, Barry Minister of Music, Emmanuel BC, Grenada