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Stewardship News

Thanks for visiting the Stewardship Department of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board. Check out our current programs and materials to help your church and association with stewardship education and promotion.

Consultants from the Stewardship Department are available to come to your church or association to lead a meeting or seminar on money management, church budgeting, capital fund raising, or stewardship emphasis. You may view a listing of available seminars here.

We are here to serve you!

Check out these Stewardship programs for your church!


-Seeking Gods's Best is a four-session, church-wide, biblically based emphasis challenging Great Commission Christians to be deliberate as faithful financial stewards to impact the world with the message of Christ!


A 4-unit discipleship study based on the Letter to Philemon. Each segment explores a different motivation for generous giving. Faithful stewardship demonstrates that we are “living with heart” for Christ and his church. The interplay among the Apostle Paul, Philemon, and Onesimus revealed in this epistle, allows us to discover refreshment (v.5), usefulness (v.11), gratitude (v.19), and eternity (v.15) as encouragements and motivations for generous giving. This includes CD, bulletin inserts, poster/guide, and a DVD.


Malachi accused God’s people of leading lives that were “out of sync” with the Lord. This new Four-Sunday emphasis asks believers to return to the Lord (3:7), remember his commandments, and respond in generosity (3:10-11). When we do, God will multiply our witness among our neighbors, and bless our land (3:12). This includes CD, bulletin inserts, poster, and a DVD.


A 3-Sunday church Stewardship resource to assist congregations in helping members “Discover the Generosity Factor.” This includes CD, bulletin inserts, Sunday School lessons, envelopes, poster, and a DVD.


A 3-Sunday stewardship resource specifically designed to encourage church members to refresh their faith, restore their families, and revolutionize their finances. Includes CD, bulletin inserts, Sunday School lessons, theme song, sermon ideas, dramas, and posters.

Consider Your WaysConsider Your Ways

The Prophet Haggai exhorts believers to consider their wealth, witness, and worship (Haggai 1:7). This Three-Sunday stewardship emphasis involves church members in Bible Study, drama presentations, testimonies, and giving commitments.

Stewardship Revivals

An intensive one-day effort to assist churches in analyzing their budget process and choosing new approaches for growing committed stewards. Key leaders are trained in an afternoon workshop. Preaching, Bible study, and testimonies make for a day of inspiration as well as practical help.

Challenge to Build

For over thirty years, this program has helped raise money through spiritual renewal. Our consultants are trained minister who will walk your church through the steps of an effective campaign, beginning on your knees. Our prayer is that you will accrue enlarged funding for ministries and facilities, that your fellowship will be strengthened, and that your congregation’s vision for missions and evangelism will be renewed.