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Sunday School - A Team Effort

In the critical seconds of a game, team effort makes all the difference. Sunday Schools that become teams see exciting results. They have enthusiasm. They care about team members. They are focused on the team’s goals, and they score the victory.

Sound like your Sunday School? Or has your Sunday School settled into a static routine? It meets. It studies. Then it goes home until it meets again. Helping your Sunday School transition from a school to a team concept can be an exciting journey.

Building Team Spirit

Several factors affect the team spirit of any group.

Team Vision:

Is there a clear vision of team’s purpose and goal? Is your vision just higher attendance, or is it transforming lives through Bible study and relationships? Why does your Sunday School meet every week? Surely there is a vision great enough to challenge your members. How else will they become a team of people on mission for the Lord?

Team Definition: Sunday School = Teams of people on mission for the Lord

Using a Team Organization

Sunday School can offer a team option for organizing Sunday school classes. The Toward 2000 Series books offers a team options for organizing Sunday School classes.

The concept of team organization can be used throughout the Sunday School. It works well in adult/youth classes. In children’s and preschool departments teachers work as team members.

Creating Sunday Morning: Team Time

Lead teachers to see the value of taking a few moments for “Team Time” each Sunday morning. What is “Team Time?” Team Time is time for team building and reporting. It is time for prayer.

Here’s How It Works!

It’s simple. It works. Team Time helps connect the Sunday morning experience to our mission as God’s people.

Sunday School Directors, You are Team Leaders