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Adult T.E.A.M.S. Responsibilities


Adult Class Teacher

This leader is responsible to the Adult Team Leader for the total work of the class. Specific duties include:

Adult Apprentice Leader

This leader is to become a disciple of the teacher to learn how to teach while preparing to be the primary teacher in his/her class or another class. Specific duties include:


Adult Class Outreach-Evangelism Leader

This leader is responsible to the teacher and relates directly to the Sunday School outreach-evangelism director. The outreach-evangelism leader leads the prospecting and witnessing activities of the class. The outreach-evangelism leader assigns prospects to class leaders and members for visitation, cultivation, and witnessing. Specific duties include:



Fellowship Leader


Care Leader

These vital workers serve as a ministry link to the Sunday School members. Each care leader should be responsible for a group of six or fewer class members. Specific duties include:

Prayer Leader

Please contact our Sunday School staff by:

Phone: 1-800-748-1651, ext. 291 or 601-292-3291 (locally)

Fax: 601-714-7430, E-mail