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Ministry Assistants (Secretaries) Training

One group of church, association and agency employees that our department is here to assist is the ministry assistants (secretaries). We sponsor two conferences annually for ministry assistants. We, in conjunction with the Mississippi Baptist Ministry Assistants Association, conduct a Ministry Assistants Conference in the spring at Garaywa Camp and Conference Center in Clinton. This conference is for all ministry assistants in the state to gather for a time of learning, fellowship and growth. The MBMAA annual business meeting is held the afternoon of the first day of the conference followed by a banquet that night. Our department enlists the help of a ministry assistant from within the state convention to coordinate this event.

Later in the year, we also conduct, in conjunction with LifeWay Christian Resources, a Professional Certification for Ministry Assistants and Ministry Office Skillshops Conference. LifeWay provides certified leaders to conduct two courses of study for this event. The purpose is to create awareness of the scope of responsibility and the need to apply professional standards in the church and ministry assistant (denominational secretary). To offer in-depth experiential treatment of specific areas of office administration and ministry.

The Certification course is divided into six 3-hour sections:

God’s Call

My Character





The Skillshops topics are varied from year to year. Skillshop topics include:

* This Skillshop requires 20 class hours and earns 2 CEUs.

Mississippi Baptist Ministry Assistants Association


To identify and properly relate the various roles of Baptist ministry assistants (secretaries):




Opportunities for Growth:

If we can assist your association or church, or if you have a question, please contact our department at 1-800-748-1651 or 601-968-3800 or by e-mail