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Resources for Church Leaders

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Throughout the year we provide hundreds of resource materials to church leaders on request. These requests range from legal issues, staff relationships, worship, job descriptions, policies and procedures, committee materials, church officer descriptions, special events, and much other needed help. Church leaders find these resources helpful in accomplishing their Great Commission work.

“Keeping Your Church Out of Court” is a 157 page document and the latest compilation of all vital information in the areas of legal issues, policies, and procedures for local churches. Our department also offers a free, four-page brochure entitled “Legal Issues Checklist” that is available on request.

Supplemental Income & Health Benefit Options for Ministers
Lifeway - Leading His Church

“Keeping Your Church Out of Court” notebooks are available for purchase by contacting our office or e-mailing us at View our brochure on “Keeping Your Church Out of Court”. Link to PDF filepdf

View the Planning Process for the New Church Year brochure. Link to PDF filepdf

If we can assist your association or church, or if you have a question, please contact our department at 1-800-748-1651 or 601-968-3800 or by e-mail