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  1. Maintain adequate records of all church funds received and disbursed, reconciling bank statements and correct ledgers as needed.
  2. Record individual contributions to the church and provide quarterly and annual reports.
  3. Sign checks in accordance with church policies and procedures; examining supporting data for all check requests and issue checks for co-signature.
  4. Make monthly and annual financial reports to the appropriate church committees, the deacons, and the church business meetings.
  5. Serve as assigned or be ex-officio member of church organizations such as the Budget (Finance) Committee, Personnel Committee, trustees, and/or deacons.
  6. Recommend policies and procedures to the appropriate church committees, bodies, boards, and organizations for receiving, accounting, disbursing, and reporting church monies.
  7. Supervise or assist in the supervision of an accounting system that provides adequate internal controls to protect all funds and workers.
  8. Ensure that funds and gifts are used according to instruction from the congregation or as directed by the contributor.
  9. Update and maintain guidelines approved by the Internal Revenue Service for the provision of tax credits which involve non-cash gifts.