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Share Resume Information for Ministry Positions/Assist Churches Seeking Staff Positions

Note: If you view the Resume Services site with a browser other than Internet Explorer, the site may display incorrectly and cause problems.

The minister who is not presently serving a church or who wishes to move to another church should complete our online resume, which is found at our Resume Services site. The resume is placed in the active file and is shared with churches as requests are received. The resume remains active for one year, with a request that the minister update his online resume if he wishes to remain in the active file.

Our department shares resume information with Pastor Search/Personnel Committees. The resume request form is also found at our Resume Services site.

If we can assist your association or church, or if you have a question, please contact our department at 1-800-748-1651 or 601-968-3800, ext. 227 or by e-mail: