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David Young

David is responsible for the following events:

Mississippi Baptist Symphony Orchestra

Established in 1996 by the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board’s Church Music Department under the leadership of Director Graham Smith, the Mississippi Baptist Symphony Orchestra provides an opportunity for Christian instrumentalists to perform music which honors and glorifies the name of Christ. Its mission is to provide a spiritual ministry through music for performers as well as listeners by integrating instrumental music with worship. The orchestra performs in churches across the state approximately four times yearly. Members from this group frequently provide instrumental music for the Mississippi Baptist Convention. Membership in the orchestra is designed for instrumentalists from college age upward; however, it is also open to high school players actively involved in a church orchestra. Since 1999 leadership for this group has been provided by a well-known Mississippi college band director David Young, who serves as Instrumental Consultant for the Church Music Department. Churches interested in hosting a performance by the MBSO should send a written request to the Church Music Department. If you are interested in becoming a part of MBSO, call the Church Music Department at 1-800-748-1651, x266, or e-mail your name, church membership, instrument, and part you prefer to play to

Mississippi Singing Churchmen’s Instruments of Praise

The Churchmen Instruments of Praise accompany vocal offerings of the Mississippi Singing Churchmen and provide special times of instrumental worship and praise. As an integral part of the Churchmen, they have traveled and performed across the state of Mississippi and to foreign mission fields to share Christ through instrumental music. Membership is open to Mississippi church worship leaders and college students preparing for careers in church music.

All-State Youth Orchestra

Since 1994 an instrumental group has been a part of the ministry of the Mississippi All-State Youth Choir and Orchestra. Orchestra members are selected by audition and are eligible for involvement in the group from the summer following their freshman year of high school through the summer after graduation from high school. Providing worship through instrumental music as well as opportunities for youth to share their faith, the group trains on the campus of one of Mississippi’s Baptist colleges and then goes on a summer tour mainly within the state but does on occasion travel throughout the Southeast, having also toured and performed in Maryland and Delaware through the MBCB Partnership Mission ministries.