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Together for Christ Church Leadership Resource

Together for Christ

Acts 2:42-47

The Church Leadership Resource is designed to help the church and its members grow in their Lordship, Stewardship, Worship, Fellowship and Discipleship during the church year. Within these pages you will discover many tools that are available for you to learn more about the “ships” and a section entitled ACTION IDEA designed to guide you in implementing these tools.

To undergird the theme Together for Christ, a powerful prayer emphasis, Targeting Prayer, has been included in the Church Leadership Resource. This 4-phase resource includes: Phase 1 TRAINING, Phase 2 TEACHING, Phase 3 TARGETING and Phase 4 TACTICAL. As your members mature in their faith they will become aware and ready to reach their community for Christ. This prayer focus will lead to knowledge and understanding about those in your community and also help you create a tactical plan for reaching a specific lifestyle group that you can ultimately begin to disciple.

Let’s begin the journey of “Sailing” together under the Lordship of Christ. Exploring all the “ships” of the maturing Christian!

Download the Church Leadership Resource Link to PDF file pdf