Sunday School & Small Groups

What is your Mississippi Baptist Sunday School & Small Group Department all about?

Our Mission: Assist Mississippi Baptist churches to build multiplying disciples through engaging individuals in Bible study, Fellowship, Worship, Evangelism, Ministry, and Prayer; and in the development of strong Acts 1:8 churches.

Does Sunday School and Small Groups still work? Will small group Bible Study work in your church? Yes and yes! Whatever you call it and whenever you meet, if Truth from the Word of God is consistently taught in a transformational fashion, we will see lives changed eternally for Christ. Our challenge is to help your Sunday School and small group Bible study leaders be equipped to do that.

We also help churches with VBS, another of the most effective tools we have to reach all ages with the Gospel of Christ. Some of the things we provide are expos and trainings, as well as individual church consultations. And, we are always happy to assist with ideas for planning and executing a successful VBS.

Your Sunday School and Small Groups Department is here for you. Please let us help.

Click below on our available services/events/resources.

Direct Consultation and Information

We are available to come and assist you in any way we can. Ask us anything!

Practical Resources

Materials are available with topics ranging from classroom suggestions for Preschool and Children’s ministry, to developing a prospect file for the entire church, to the latest in materials that are offered through LifeWay. With both paper and on-line resources we hope to help you when questions arise.

Be a Catalyst: Start a New Group

We believe it is a tool every church can use to help them start new groups to reach more people for Christ. We stand ready to assist you any way we can to help you put this resource to good use.

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Contact Information

Ministry Assistant, Sunday School/Small Groups
 P.O. Box 530 Jackson, MS 39205
Ministry Assistant, Sunday School/Small Groups
 P.O. Box 530 Jackson, MS 39205
Director, Sunday School/Small Groups
 PO Box 530 Jackson, MS 39205
Fax: 601-714-7430
Consultant, Sunday School/Small Groups
 PO Box 530 Jackson MS 39205
Fax: 601.714.7430