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Summer Camping Program

Our goals for the summer camping program and for the off-season events are:

  1. To Invite the lost camper to believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as Lord and Savior.
  2. To Encourage the believing camper and staffer to grow in his faith in Christ through disciplined prayer and Bible study.
  3. To Demonstrate the personal call of Christ in the life and work of each staffer.
  4. To Lead each camper and staffer to search for God’s will in his life.
  5. To Motivate each camper and staffer to appreciate himself as God has made him using the talents and skills God has given him.
  6. To Help each camper and staffer to understand that he needs to become personally involved in missions through opportunities in his church, his Baptist Student Union organization and in common everyday life experiences.

Summer Camp Policies

2013 Summer Camp Schedule

Dates Event
August 9-10: State Leadership Training for Churches

2014 Summer Camp Schedule

Dates Event
May 3: Lad/Crusader Day
May 30-31: Lad/Dad Weekend
June 2-5: I Connect Student Camp (coed)
June 5-8: II Connect Student Camp (coed)
June 10-13: I Children’s Mission Camp (coed)
June 16-18: II Children’s Mission Camp (coed)
June 19-21: III Children’s Mission Camp (coed)
June 23-25: I MBCB MS Kids Camp (coed)
June 26-28: II MBCB MS Kids Camp (coed)
June 30-July 2: IV Children’s Mission Camp (coed)
July 7-9: V Children’s Mission Camp (coed)
July 10-12: VI Children’s Mission Camp (coed)
July 14-18: I Summer Mission Camp for Boys
July 21-25: II Summer Mission Camp for Boys

Central Hills is operated by the Men’s Ministry Department of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board.

Central Hills Baptist Retreat
6377 Attala Road 4227
West, MS 39192
(662) 289-9730 Fax (662) 289-9718

Member of the Christian Camp and Conference Association