Communication Services

Communication Services

The objective of Communication Services is to utilize communication tools including print, video, and radio and television, which are God-given to help us bring Mississippi and the world to Jesus. Toward that objective our department is to develop, coordinate and administer all activities related to these areas as we help churches become involved in and use these media tools.

The department includes broadcast, print and print design, and mailroom services. The work involves design and printing of all convention board products, production of video products, and other specialties as noted below.

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Contact Information

Bo Price Supervisor—Printing Services 601.292.3248
Dana Richardson Ministry Assistant / Support Services 601.292.3251
Ian Richardson Director 601.292.3378
Judy Chen Ministry Assistant 601.292.3378
Megan Young Graphic Artist 601.292.3255
Nancy Barlow Mailroom Supervisor 601.292.3250
Peggy Weathersby Receptionist 601.292.3355
Sonny Norton Graphic Artist 601.292.3265
Wanda Randall Ministry Assistant 601.292.3260