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Meeting Minutes – January 15, 2007

Minutes of Mississippi Council on Bivocational Ministry

January 15, 2007

The Mississippi Council on Bivocational Ministry met on Monday, January 15, 2007. 24 were present for the meeting. Dr. Jim Futral, executive director-treasurer for the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, welcomed the group to the Baptist Building and Joe Young thanked the group for coming and led in prayer.

Kiely Young, director, Sunday school department, MBCB, shared that LifeWay is developing a new line of Vacation Bible School materials especially for the small church. Total cost is $280 and everything is contained in a “bucket”. Only 600 Mississippi Baptist churches reported having VBS last year, and we hope to have every bivocationally-led church have a VBS this year. We are also encouraging all our bivo churches to participate in training for VBS leadership at some level – association, state, or local church.

Keith Gordon, consultant, Pastor/Leadership Development department, MBCB, led the group in a chorus and Dale Holloway delivered a devotional from Hebrews 12:1-2. Ken Cook called for prayer requests, and thanked the group for prayers for his own family. The group had a time of prayer.

Marc Howard, AMD, Lee/Itawamba Associations, gave a report on the wonderful response at the Tupelo meeting in December. Dale Holloway asked for feedback on how we could make future meetings meaningful. Bill Duncan suggested that we also focus on pastors’ “other” vocation in the marketplace and have breakouts by are of second vocation. It was discussed that for many, the work in the marketplace enhances and compliments the work in the church.

Several men stressed that there needs to be more breakout sessions for wives who come to the meetings. Dale Holloway passed out an exit report of the retreat. Dale pointed out that the pastor’s wife is often the loneliest person in the church. Lowell Ingram, AMD, North Central Association, said that we should allow the women to set the agenda for their breakout sessions.

Hattiesburg is heavily considered for the next retreat, but Marvin Cox, AMD, Union County Association, noted that we need to seek a place that has local support for such meetings. Local support is key to whatever we do. Ken Cook mentioned that motels, hotels seem to be favored over camps, retreat centers, etc. May is a preferred time over June by most of the group, and local support from the Associational Missions Director is key. Several agreed that we need to put out “feelers” in Hattiesburg and the surrounding area to ascertain the level of support for such a retreat.

Joe Young gave a president’s report on how God is working to plan new missions and churches among Hispanics and others in Mississippi. A grassroots church planting movement has started among the Hispanics, and as Michael Baker mentioned, many men are being called by God into the ministry.

There was a discussion that these newly called men have a passion, a burden for lost people. But they need training. One of our tasks is to help these men overcome their feelings of inadequacy and find training whether through workshops, seminary extension, or regular college and seminary training. The consensus was that we need to magnify seminary extension more, having courses and locations listed in The Baptist Record and promoting it more in the associations. Many of our men are unaware of the training opportunities that exist.

Ken and Carol Pollock from Tupelo were asked to share about their work in education, teaching high risk youngsters. For five years they have operated a private school for all ages in which they provide a non-traditional education. All students are below grade level and are from dysfunctional families. All are making progress, and the exit exam is the GED.

Bill Duncan will be going to a “Christ@work” conference in Atlanta. This organization gets CEO’s and pastors together and plans strategies to use the workplace to reach people for Christ. He will report back to the Mission Strategy department.

Dale Holloway mentioned that he will be 75 his next birthday, and though he has a passion for the work, he needs help with the duties and there will come a day soon when someone else must step up to the plate. He asked if the group would consider nominating Ken Cook to be vice president of our organization. Following motions and seconds by numerous persons Ken was elected. His living in the Jackson metro area gives Dale some assistance with the demands of the office.

Lowell Ingram is working on a plan to get into Baptist Student Unions with the message of bivocational ministry. He and Joe Young continue to explore that area.

Lowell made a motion to adjourn and after a second and agreement by all, Lowell dismissed the group in prayer.