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Jumping Off the Front Porch

February 5 and subsequent days have not been good times for the stock market. The largest point drop in history took place February 5 with the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing lower by 1,175 points. Since then, there have been more major down days. I was tied up on February 5 in meetings one […]

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Answering the Critics

Acts 26:19-29
To be honest with you, this has been one of the hardest lessons to write this quarter. It has not been hard because I didn’t understand what the Scripture was talking about. It was hard because I was convicted by the simplicity of it.  Our lesson is about Paul telling both Festus and […]

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I Am Just Passing Through

I Peter 2:11-17
One of the most heated debates currently in our country is that of immigration. Everyone seems to have a passionate position on this issue. I am not going to get political, but every one of us would do well to take the time to research the scriptures and educate ourselves about what […]

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It’s Out There

“You can’t take it back.” Those were the words of a high-tech wizard who was talking on TV about texting and e-mailing and all the other electronic ways we communicate today. He was underscoring the fact that if you send a text message or an e-mail or an Instagram and then decide you want […]

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The Testimony

Acts 22:3-8;15-22
I love to read biographies. There is something wonderful about looking beyond the external of a person to find out what really made them tick. I am again reading the Bible through, and find myself still not able to stop when reading about the lives of the Patriarchs, Moses, or Joshua. Their stories […]

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I Am a Priest

I Peter 2:4-10
A few years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop in New Jersey. Although I had flown over the Garden State a couple of times, this was my first time to have my feet on the ground in that state. The area in which I was located was breathtakingly beautiful. […]

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Bye – Buy – By

I was talking on the phone and after the conversation concluded, I ended the call in the usual way by saying, “Bye.” That was the end of that moment, but following the phone conversation I got to thinking about that one little word: bye. Of course when I was saying bye or goodbye on […]

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Acts 20:22-35
Several years ago, I visited the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus and it was an unforgettable, life-changing trip. As our group walked down the main street of this formerly magnificent city, we noticed in the stone entry way of many homes, deeply carved images of a fish, much like we see […]

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I Am a Minister

II Corinthians 3:4-12
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, there are nearly 172,000 words in the English language. While that is an impressive number, perhaps what is more staggering is the fact the average person only uses about 5,000 words. The problem is not in the word reservoir, the problem is people’s lack of concern […]

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Are you a phubber?

Some of you may be like me and had never heard of “phubbing.” I first heard it a few months ago as 2017 was winding down. Some people were talking about new words that had come into use. One of those words was phubbing. Though I had never heard the word before, when I […]

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