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Mississippi Baptist Foundation

About Us

“The earth is the LORD’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.”

Psalm 24:1 (NIV)


The Mississippi Baptist Foundation serves as the trust agency of the Mississippi Baptist Convention, offering a means whereby Mississippi Baptists can provide perpetual support for Mississippi Baptist and Southern Baptist causes until our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ returns.

As the trust agency of the Convention, the Mississippi Baptist Foundation promotes Christian estate stewardship, receives, invests, and manages endowment gifts. Additionally, the Foundation distributes earnings from these endowments to many Baptist ministries. In essence, the Mississippi Baptist Foundation serves as a money-management partner for Mississippi Baptist churches, institutions, and agencies. The Mississippi Baptist Foundation ministers under the direction of a Board of Trustees elected by the Mississippi Baptist Convention and the Foundation receives primary funding through a Cooperative Program allocation. As a Mississippi Baptist agency, the Mississippi Baptist Foundation desires to advance the goal of “helping bring Mississippi and the World to Jesus.”


The Year in Review:

The words to Grace Noll Crowell’s great hymn “Because I Have Been Given Much” reflects the attitude of gratitude of the person who lives in complete submission to our Heavenly Father. Although this hymn may not be included in Sunday worship services as frequently today as in an earlier era, the words express the faithful response of a genuine disciple of Jesus Christ to the challenge “…to whom much is given, much is required; to whom much has been entruste, much more will be asked.” (Luke 12:48). During this past year, numerous Mississippi Baptists modeled the message of this great hymn through the stewardship of their time, talents, tithe and other financial resources.

A key emphasis of the Mississippi Baptist Foundation is to encourage and educate Mississippi Baptists in the area of estate stewardship. When I sing the words, “I shall divide my gifts with Thee, with every brother that I see, Who has the need of help from me,” I think of the those faithful stewards who take seriously the opportunity to favor Kingdom ministries and Baptist causes through their Last Will and Testament. Through careful and prayerful planning, perpetual financial blessings available to our Baptist institutions through outright endowments or bequests presented through a Last Will and Testament. In other words, financial stewardship is not limited to the contributions placed in the offering plate on Sunday. The Mississippi Baptist Foundation provides the means through which these important acts of stewardship can occur.

By way of illustration, Mississippi Baptists exhibited exceptional stewardship to Kingdom ministries through the Mississippi Baptist Foundation by giving $ 4,036,131 in new contributions during the 12 months ending June 30, 2013. During this same period, total assets managed by the Foundation increased by 4.83% from the previous year to $112,475,182.

Since 1943, Mississippi churches and mission causes, our Mississippi Baptist colleges and the Baptist Children’s Village, North American and International missions, and the six Southern Baptist Seminaries have received encouragement and financial support from the generosity of committed stewards. As a result of these historic and recent blessings, distributions of income by the Foundation to various Baptist causes totaled $3,905,979 during the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2013.

Presentations were made by Foundation staff at associational meetings, Sr. Adults rallies and retreats, and to various church groups. These visits provided the opportunity to share information on the benefits and blessings of Kingdom stewardship that are available through a Last Will and Testament, an Advance Health Care Directive, Powers of Attorney, and Charitable Gifts. Many Mississippi Baptists responded to the invitation to promote Kingdom ministries by favoring Baptist causes in their will or through a charitable trust.

In addition to the continued popularity of our booklet entitled Your Personal Planning Toolkit, the Foundation enlisted the services of PhilanthroCorp to assist with planned giving promotion. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, PhilanthroCorp has a proven track record of helping Christian stewards navigate the often unfamiliar waters of estate planning.

Services Offered:

The Mississippi Baptist Foundation promotes estate stewardship by offering seminars that focus on Last Will and Testament, Investments, and the nature, method, and benefits of making Financial Gifts. The format of each seminar is appropriate for Discipleship Training sessions, group luncheons, and other gatherings. Please call the Mississippi Baptist Foundation to schedule a seminar or for assistance in fulfilling your stewardship and estate planning goals.

“Because love has been lavished so upon me Lord,

A wealth I know that was not meant for me to hoard,

I shall give love to those in need, shall show that love by word and deed:

Thus shall my thanks be thanks indeed.”

Income Distributions Fiscal Year 2013

MBF 2013 ID pie chart

Investment Options

The Mississippi Baptist Foundation provides money management services for Mississippi Baptist church, institutions, agencies, and for other Foundation accounts. Available Foundation investment services include the following.

MBF Equity Fund – This growth stock fund is designed for capital appreciation with little emphasis on income. Invested in stock offerings of U.S. and international corporations, the Fund is managed by four outside professional money managers.

MBF Fixed Income Fund – This bond fund is designed to produce income with little attention given to capital appreciation. This Fund, which is managed by three outside professional money managers, includes U.S. government securities, corporate bonds, and international investments.

MBF Short Term Cash Fund – This fund is a money market-type fund which is designed to out-perform both the current yields associated with six and twelve month certificates of deposits and the 91-day Treasury bill rate. With this approach, the Short-Term Cash Fund matches a competitive rate of return with full liquidity. The Fund is managed by the Southern Baptist Foundation.

MBF General Endowment Fund – The General Endowment Fund is designed to address the long term investment objectives of perpetual endowment accounts. The Endowment Fund seeks to provide income while guarding against the effects of inflation. The Endowment Fund is invested in stocks and bonds according to a preset allocation. The current investment allocation of the Endowment Fund is 30% in the MBF Equity Fund and 70% in the MBF Fixed Income Fund.

Please call the Mississippi Baptist Foundation with questions or for assistance regarding any of the services offered through the Foundation.

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