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Board of Ministerial Education

Jimmy Stewart, President
Steve Wilson, Vice President
Anne Albritton, Secretary

The Board of Ministerial Education was founded by the Mississippi Baptist Convention in 1885 for the purpose of assisting ministers to secure a college education. This Board originally assisted only licensed and ordained ministers. In 1987, an amendment to the MS Baptist Convention Constitution expanded the Board’s work to include all qualified church related vocational students who are enrolled in one of Mississippi’s Baptist colleges. Ministerial Aid recipients must have made a documented public commitment to Southern Baptist ministry and be a member of a contributing Southern Baptist church, in addition to meeting other BME requirements. During the 2011-2012 academic year, the Board of Ministerial Education approved a total of $318,600 in monthly grants to 202 ministerial students attending Blue Mountain College, Mississippi College, or William Carey University. The students received $200/month during the academic year. Fifty-two of these students graduated in 2012. Those graduates received a total of $279,285 in ministerial aid grants from the Mississippi Baptist Convention, averaging $5,370 each over a period of 25 months.

Students who receive ministerial aid sign an agreement to serve in Southern Baptist ministry for at least a time equal to the number of months they receive ministerial aid. Most serve a lifetime in ministry, but the Board of Ministerial Education remains in touch with these students for that minimum amount of time. It is a joy to watch these graduates go out into the world serving Christ. The majority of this year’s graduates are in seminary and many are also serving churches. One former ministerial aid recipient has recently been appointed by the IMB to serve in Colombia, South America. Ministerial graduates of our Mississippi Baptist colleges are serving all over the United States and throughout the world carrying the gospel of Christ.

The Board of Ministerial Education experienced two significant changes in personnel during 2012. Ms. Lynda Street, BME Campus Representative for Mississippi College, retired in June of this year and Dr. Wayne VanHorn began serving as the Campus Representative for Mississippi College with the fall semester. Also, long-time Board secretary, Mrs. Ruthie Courtney, retired from the BME at the end of September 2012. Mrs. Anne Albritton began her work as Board Secretary in August of this year.

The Board of Ministerial Education also administers six scholarship funds which are in trust with the Mississippi Baptist Foundation. Annual scholarship awards of $1,000 are made to seven deserving ministerial students from interest on these funds.

Approximately 94.5% of the Board of Ministerial Education’s annual budget goes to direct student aid. We thank the Mississippi Baptist Convention for the privilege of serving these students through the Board of Ministerial Education.

Information from the 2012 Book of Reports