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About This Site

A note about the technologies used within this site:

  • This site has been designed with the latest web standards in mind in order to provide a fast-loading, rich, and accessible site that will offer the best possible experience.

    Although at the current time these standards have not been fully implemented, this site is based upon the following standards (click on links for more information):

    The latest version of HTML, the core language of the World Wide Web.
    A mechanism which allows presentation to be separated from content through the use of style sheets, simplifying web design and maintenance.
  • Although this site may be viewed with any browser, the newer your browser, the better your experience should be.
  • Pages have been designed with Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010, 2008, and Macromedia’s Studio MX, a suite of tools including Dreamweaver MX and Flash MX (Macromedia has since been acquired by Adobe).
  • Pages have been designed as ASP.NET pages implemented with C#.
  • The site search engine is powered by the Fluid Dynamics Search Engine version This engine and other portions of the site are programmed in ActiveState’s ActivePerl.
  • Menus have been created with Joel Birch’s Superfish.

    This CSS-based menu system is compatibile with all browsers but provides the best experience with modern browsers. Javascript is used to enhance functionality and style, but it is not required.

    Menus were previously created with Ger Versluis’ PopMenu 7.00.