Staff Directory

Tammy Anderson Missions Consultant 601.292.3323
Nancy Aulds BSU Director 662.328.3295
Morris Baker BSU Director 662.234.9366
Michael Ball BSU Director 662.323.5761
Nancy Barlow Mailroom Supervisor 601.292.3250
Walt Barnes Assistant 228.896.6958
Sandy Bell Ministry Assistant 601.292.3310
Rick Blythe Director 601.292.3348
Angie Boydstun Sunday School and Small Groups Preschool/Children's Consultant/VBS Consultant 601.292.3294
Bruce Brady BSU Director 601.643.2630
Debbie Brashier Ministry Assistant 601.292.3284
Quenton Bridges Maintenance Supervisor 601.924.7034
Beverly Bridges Ministry Assistant 601.292.3398
Linda Burris Ministry Assistant 601.292.3278
Chris Burrows BSU Director 662.862.3278
Justin Busby BSU Director 601.693.2674
Bruce Cappleman Director 601.292.3225
Judy Chen Ministry Assistant 601.292.3378
Stephen Craver BSU Director 601.928.6029
Stan Davis BSU Director 601.795.8581
Gary Davison BSU Director 601.857.5312
Carolyn Day Ministry Assistant, Sunday School and Small Groups 601.292.3291
Bill Duncan Contract Consultant 601.292.3366
Alicia Dungan Administrative Assistant 601.924.7034
Ed Earnest BSU Assistant 662.728.5409
Jordan East Administrative Assistant 662.289.9730
René Edwards Ministry Assistant 601.292.3283
Johnny Ervin Director 601.292.3224
Jim Futral Executive Director-Treasurer 601.292.3201
Odis Gamblin Food Services Coordinator 601.924.0268
Don Gann Director 601.292.3339
Aaron Gantt Maintenance Supervisor 662.289.9730
Tim Glaze BSU DIrector 601.318.6161
Ken Hall Consultant / Student Ministry 601.292.3286
Paul Harrell Contract Consultant 601.292.3362
Clay Hathcock Maintenance 662.289.9730
John M. Henry Construction and Disaster Relief Training 601.292.3338
John W. Henry Contract Consultant/Criminal Justice 601.508.0293
Daniel Herndon BSU Director 60.276.2012
Paul Howayeck Assistant 228.497.8821
Charles Jones Contract Consultant / Criminal Justice 601.752.2021
Emily Jones Advertising Coordinator / Proof Reader 601.292.3375
Bill Kirkpatrick BSU Director 662.843.2507
Lisa Leavell Ministry Assistant 601.292.3347
Michael Lee Director 601.292.3308
Don Lum Director 601.292.3280
Lloyd Lunceford BSU Director 601.264.5160
Susan Luttrell Contract Consultant 601.292.3274
Ben Maddox BSU Director 601.925.3238
Laura Marler Ministry Assistant 601.292.3231
Tony Martin Associate Editor 601.292.3217
Amy Massey Circulation Manager 601.292.3215
Weaver McCracken Director—Collegiate Ministry 601.292.3302
Tom McLaughlin BSU Director 662.562.6168
David Michel Associate Executive Director 601.292.3231
Lisa Miller Accountant 601.292.3241
Jessica Morrison Program & Guest Services 601.924.7034
Tracy Moser BSU Director 662.685.4771 x137
Slater Murphy Director 601.292.3276
Scheryl Ng Ministry Assistant 601.292.3361
Thomas and June Nolen State Coordinators
Mission Service Corps
Sonny Norton Graphic Artist 601.292.3265
Roger Orman Team Leader for the Discipleship Development Center/Sunday School and Small Groups Specialist 601-292-3298
Marcus Peagler Director 601.292.3289
Jep Peavy BSU Director 662.246.5043
William Perkins Editor 601.292.3218
Mandy Phillips Associate 601.925.3238
Paul A. Pinson Director 601.292.3244
Frank Porter BSU Director 601.477.3973
Tasha Presson Ministry Assistant 601.292.3284
Bo Price Supervisor—Printing Services 601.292.3248
Stephanie Pruitt Administrative Assistant 601.292.3319
Wanda Randall Ministry Assistant 601.292.3260
Roddy Reed Manager 601.924.7034
Ken Rhodes Director 601.292.3239
Ian Richardson Director 601.292.3378
Dana Richardson Ministry Assistant / Support Services 601.292.3251
Julie Roberts Ministry Assistant 601.292.3317
Tim Ruth Financial Services Consultant/Procurement Officer 601.292.3297
Ernie Sadler Contract Consultant / Acts 1:8 Strategist 601.292.3366
June Scoggins Associate BSU Director 662.323.5761
Barri A. Shirley Associate Executive Director 601-292-3238
Trish Shotts Manager 601.292.3379
Jason Simpson BSU Director 662.418.9682
Eric Smith BSU Director 769.226.1777
Wyndy South Contract Consultant / Keyboard 601.292.3272
Steve Stone Associate Executive Director 601.292.3312
Karen Sullivan Ministry Assistant 601.292.3238
Carol Taylor Ministry Assistant 601.292.3227
Cathy Taylor Ministry Assistant 601-292-3267
Ashley Taylor BSU Assistant 662.323.5761
Jennie Taylor Assoc. Director—Collegiate Ministry 601.292.3301
Alanna Tedder Accountant 601.292.3245
Maria Teel Administrative Assistant 601.292.3202
Debbie Thomas Programmer / Analyst 601.292.3214
Gayla Thompson Accountant 601.292.3237
Shane Thrash Camp Manager 662.289.9730
Cindy Townsend Executive Director-Treasurer 601.292.3317
Deanna Vail Ministry Assistant 601.292.3335
Wayne Vandiver BSU Director 662.728.5409
Scott Vaughn BSU Director 601.635.2481
Lavern Wade Food Service 662.289.9730
Tamara Walbert BSU Director 662.472.2837
Kris Walters Associate 601.264.5160
Jo Wasson Ministry Assistant, Sunday School and Small Groups/Demographics 601-292-3292
Peggy Weathersby Receptionist 601.292.3355
Anne Wilson Missions Camp Director, 601.292.3322
Breanna Wooten Ministry Assistant 601.292.3299
David Young Contract Consultant / Instrumental 601.292.3268
Megan Young Graphic Artist 601.292.3255