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A message from our Executive Director-Treasurer

We invite you to spend some time here at our Web Site and we trust that it will be time well spent to either encourage you or to help you find the information, people, or resources that you may need to help you in your personal walk with the Lord, or to help your church, group, or association with anything they may need.

In order to find your way, it is helpful to understand how the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board is set up to do their work. The responsibilities of the Convention Board fall into three natural divisions. One division is Business Services – the funds that are received and distributed to Kingdom causes are handled following Biblical guidelines of Christian stewardship and absolute fiscal responsibility. The second division, Church Growth, oversees those areas of church ministries that strengthen, equip, and enable the church and its functions. The third division, Mission Strategy, is entrusted with the responsibility of the work beyond just the walls and doors of the church. Our mission is to reach the world across Mississippi, the nation, and the uttermost parts of the earth.

Dr. Jim Futral

2013 Book of Reports – Executive Administration

Good Things in Bad Times

While the national story in our land may be about a bad economy, the story among Mississippi Baptists has been the Good News of the saving Jesus. While the political climate has been consumed with campaigns of politicians telling their story, Mississippi Baptists have stayed focused on Telling the Story of Jesus, who is the only One who can make a difference now and forever in the lives of people. While joblessness has been at a higher rate longer than any other time in our history, Mississippi Baptists have shown up with ready hands and warm hearts to do the job that Jesus has called them to do. In some of the worst of times, many of God’s people have been at their best. I am so blessed, impressed, and at times just amazed at how the people of God’s church continue to serve, work, and worship faithfully when at times they could have easily folded, quit, and become depressed. But they did not! As you read the reports from the various areas of ministries and missions, from colleges and hospitals, the Foundation or the Baptist Children’s Village, to Christian Action Commission, or to ministerial aid for young people preparing for service you will see that the work has remained strong and in many areas continues to grow. It is a great tribute to God at work among us and to His people’s faithfulness regardless of outward circumstances.

A Decade in Review

As we move forward it is always good to occasionally look in the rearview mirror. Focusing on the past is not healthy, but having a point of reference historically does help us all. Over 10 years ago we began a journey on a road that might have been marked 1:8. It actually did not begin just 10 plus years ago but was anchored in the first century as we looked at those disciples who listened to Jesus just before He left and gave them a word to follow. “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you: and you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

Those guiding words from our Lord became a source of our attention and each year we took one part of that incredible geographical and theological thought from Jesus to reach all people. Beyond just looking at the verse in its broad scope, each year we sought to take one piece, put it under the microscope, and find practical ways that we could do what Jesus was asking us to do in Jerusalem – that area right around us; in all Judea – that region just beyond where we are; Samaria – the places that are near us but may not be familiar; and to the uttermost parts of the earth to meet the need of the Gospel proclamation everywhere to everyone in all times. As we processed these areas and needs, it became increasingly apparent that none of this could be done whether in Acts 1 or in the acts of Mississippi Baptists without constant, fervent, life-changing prayer. And so we spent day after day calling on all of our people in all of our churches to cover Mississippi in prayer. By the tens of thousands people began to pray daily asking God to work in us, among us, and to send His glory upon us.

This year we stepped from Acts 1 to Acts 2 where the disciples were unleashed Telling the Story of Jesus. Regardless of the problem or the pressures, keep telling the story of Jesus. His Word is the Word that we need to hear. It is the story of the Jesus who can forgive our sins, change our lives, revitalize our churches, and penetrate the darkness of this world with His light. It is the story that needs to be told over and over again. We will keep our eyes focused on Jesus.

The Plan for 2014

Our theme for the upcoming years comes directly out of Scripture again as in Acts 2 it says, “They were together.” Indeed, they wereTogether for Christ. How were they together and what were they doing? Well as you can find in Acts 2, they were Together for Christ…under His Lordship in worship, in stewardship, in fellowship, and in discipleship. These were huge themes that bound the believers together. We invite all of Mississippi Baptists to come and sail these ships with us.

Faithful Always

Paul wrote to the Corinthians and he said, “Moreover it is required of stewards that a man be found faithful” (I Cor. 4:2). Faithfulness is the foundation of all of our service to Jesus. A person can be the most gifted individual on the planet, but if he or she is not faithful the gifts will have little meaning. A person can be rich, but if they are not faithful it means nothing. A person can be brilliant, but if they are not faithful intellectual greatness is squandered. That leads me to say a huge thank you to all of our saints in all of our churches who have been faithful during these difficult economic times. Faithfulness is not just tied to the good times and the prosperous days. Faithfulness has its finest expression when times are difficult. It is true that the real test for most of us is not how good we are when times are good but it is what we are when times are bad that shows our real value. God bless each of you, Mississippi Baptists, and each of our churches who have continued to be faithful in trying times.

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